Travel: Seaside Heights, NJ

My sister Zoë at the Seaside Heights Boardwalk in NJ

Now that we are officially in Spring and preparing for the coming Summer I have been looking back at some of my favourite Summer destinations.  Last year we went to one of them: Seaside Heights at the Jersey shore.  My family has gone to this costal destination a few times as I was growing up to visit my dad’s father and brother who lived around Newark, NJ.  Now that both my father and his father have passed away it is just my uncle who lives there.  I have only been able to see him a handful of times in my life and one of those was August of 2012.  My sons and I flew out to meet my mum (‘Nonna’) and my sister Zoë (‘Zia Zoë’) at the airport in Pennsylvania where we drove to our summer destination. 

Seaside Heights, NJ

Seaside Heights Beach park
Lounging on the beach with Uncle Tom, my boys, and my sister.
My mum rented a condo that was only a two minute walk from the beach. 
Thats right only two minutes and we could be ankle deep in sand and splashing around in the water. 
My boys and Zia Zoë enjoyed playing together in the water. 
What beach vacation would be complete with out making sandcastles with your Nonna. 

Then a short walk back to our vacation rental to get ready to go out to eat.

Visiting the MTV Jersey Shore house…might I add they painted the flag backwards. Seriously?
I flipped the photo (which you can tell by the words on a sign) because I am a girl raised in Italy.
The Boardwalk was cool at night because you could drink at the bars and the rest was locked up and deserted. 
During the day it was bright and sunny. A perfect setting for eating ice cream  from the famous Kohrs. 
With my only and best sister in the world: Zoë
The boardwalk is full of fun games and and prizes that can bring a smile to the child in us all. 
This is how I will always remember the Jersey Shore. 

In the end this was one of the best family vacations that I have been on since my boys have been born.  Unfortunately my husband was not with us on this one due to him being back at school during that time in England.  The condo was really nice inside, we could prepare our meals in the kitchen, and do our laundry whenever it was needed.  There were a lot of great places to eat at for dinner in the area and bagel shops for breakfast.  My one recommendation would be for those who would come here with children.  The rides on the boardwalk can be quite expensive so we let our sons choose one ride each.  We then took them to Six Flags nearby for the day and let them ride all the rides they wanted.  My sons said at the end of the trip that their favourite part was playing at the beach (free) so dont feel pressured to break the bank for family fun.

Sadly after our trip was when the storm came through and wrecked and destroyed many places with the flooding.  There is much that has to be rebuilt to get the boardwalk back to its former glory.  Despite the vacation rental being so close to the beach it luckily was unharmed.  Hopefully someday we can return to relieve the great memories of last summer.  My boys definitely recommend it.

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  • Britta Marie

    i love that you loved my home state!! and yes, it is quite sad how so many peoples’ vacationing spot has been destroyed but hopefully everything will one day be rebuilt :)

  • Helene

    what gorgeous pictures and looks like the perfect place for a family vacation! so unfortunate that the storm destroyed so much, hopefully it will be back and better than ever very soon.

  • Laura – Relatively Offbeat

    Great photos! Looks like you had a great time! :)

  • bailey k.

    The boardwalk looks so fun!

  • Teresa R. Nystrom

    You need to send a link to the Mayor of Seaside Heights.

  • Teresa R. Nystrom
  • Jess

    As if they posted the flag backwards, crazy! That looks like such a wicked beach though!

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  • Leanne Black

    spent my summers at our beach house in a little town called Manasquan, this post is sooo making me want to go back. Hopefully I will get to this summer :) Love the pictures on the boardwalk!

  • Samantha Hunt

    I’m glad you have such gorgeous pictures and memories from Seaside – I’ve always avoided it because I thought it would be a trashy over-commercialized beach, but your pictures are so nice!