Wedding: Destination Vow Renewal

Sixteen weeks, which is essentially four months, to go until 
we renew our vows for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.  
Guess what?  We will not be staying here in Bath, England as planned.  
I had originally envisioned taking photos in the beautiful Sommerset countryside 
and an intimate reception in our back garden with Solsbury hill as our view.  
While that would have been just perfect for us, 
my husband wanted to do something a little bit more.  
It is now a destination vow renewal and we are taking this fete to Wales! 
Self Portrait on timer by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved | 

Snowdonia, Wales.  The name alone sounds like a mystical location in a fairytale story.

It is a region in northern Wales, a national park, and gets its name from Mt. Snowdon.
Not only is the area beautiful beyond words it is also tied into the Arthurian legend.
The area is bustling with outdoor activities like cycling, climbing, 
horse riding, golfing, canyoning, caving, water sports. 
There are the historical sites, railways, food, shopping, and events. 
bridge and river by

I must find out where this bridge is or if there are more like it near where we will be staying.
As a photographer my mind is racing with ideas for wedding and family photos.

I really want to go see Portmeirion, pictured below, during our time in Wales.
It  is a unique coastal resort in Snowdonia that really could be a fairytale. 
The colours of the landscape alone really make the colour buildings come alive.
It is no wonder so many brides choose Portmeirion as their wedding destination.

portmerion by

I have one dream to add to this new location and that is to ride horses there.
Also envisioning being photographed in my gown with a horse.
That would be perfection.

new forest ponies by

As of last week we booked our holiday rental where family and friends will join us for a week.
I now am pouring over images and links of things to see and do in the area.
I know this will be one trip that will have to be followed up with return visits.
There is just so much to see and do and Snowdonia is quite a big area to cover.
My family is very outdoorsy and we do a lot of walking and enjoy outdoor activities.
I am hoping for as much sunshine as Wales will allow this blushing bride 2.0


Q: Have you ever been to Wales? Or do you have any ideas for our Vow Renewal?

* Self portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved |
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*** Snowdonia images by

  • Rachel

    Wow, that really does sound like a fairytale-esque destination! How exciting that it’s coming up so soon! I’m sure you really will get some beautiful pictures from the day, too, and you’ll have to share them with us!

    • Bonnie Rose


      Oh I most definitely will…i think we will be doing the wedding party ap too so that I can get photos from many different perspectives to share on instagram and such.


  • Britta Marie

    the destination sounds amazing! i’m sure it is going to be perfect for renewing your vows :) and that first picture up top is beautiful :)

    • Bonnie Rose

      Britta Marie,

      Thank you, I am so looking forward to going. We ended up renting a place big enough for 4 families at a hostel price per person which has a really cool staircase I’d like to photograph on. Cannot wait to share pictures from it. Thank you for the compliments on the top photo, it is one of my self portraits from last summer. I took down a curtain in my MIL’s house and made a makeshift dress for it. 😉 It was fun.

      Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
      Bonnie Rose