Snail Mail Collective | Intan & Reima

I have had the pleasure of doing Melyssa and Chelsea’s Snail Mail Collective for July and August.  Thanks to the post offices of the world, packages being lost, and how slow it has taken Royal Mail to get my packages to their final destinations it has taken me until October to be able to do my SMC recap.
I understand the phenomenon around socks disappearing in the wash, not that I know where they go.  However I really do not think the same thing should happen when it comes to sending things in the mail.  Since moving to England it has happened to me more often than ever other time in my life.  I spent a good amount of money to have a Wonder Woman chest piece made for a costume that could be tracked as far as when it left the US but never made to my home in England. My sister had sent a christmas present for the boys that included my favourite H&M jacket that she had and it never made it to my home in England. My mum had made really cute toys that looked like ‘peeps’ for Easter for the boys that again…never made it to England. So when my friend Intan told me her package from me never arrived in Singapore, I was ready hit a wall. I am not sure why the post has a vendetta against me, but it can stop anytime now. Similarly her package never arrived in England but then never left the post office in Singapore either. We tried a second time and thank the powers that be we both just received each other’s Snail Mail Collective packages! 
Intan has spoiled me with my favourite candies…white rabbits. I think they were in every package that was included in her envelope. I have not had these since I was in Australia back in 2002 and had forgotten about them.  It really put a smile on my face.  I have been sharing the rest of the candy with my sons so they wanted to make sure that I told Intan thank you on the blog….THANK YOU!  You are just so sweet as well. Thank you for that beautiful card with the B and the Rose, it could not be more perfect for me. I am so sorry we had the worst luck with the post office but so glad we got a happy ending for this mail saga in the end. :)
Make sure to check out Intan’s blog as it is full of photos not only from Singapore but her travels too!

My Snail Mail Collective partner for August was Reima from sunny California.  I loved that even though we both had really busy schedules she kept us going in communication with lovely ‘get to know you’ emails.  It was so brill to see how much we had in common.  From loving dark chocolate, to using coconut oil and she even gave me a neat recipe for a scrub.  Which I wanted to share from her to you all today in this post:

Here’s a scrub recipe my friend just gave me and it is so nice. 
Makes my skin smooth for days!
3-4 tbsp coconut oil
2 cups sea salt
Zest of one lime
Combine and it should feel similar to snow!

What I love most about Reima is getting to know more about her love of travel. She has a solid sense of adventure and a really brave girl! If you want to know more about what I mean, you will need to check out her post about bicycling on one of the most dangerous roads in the world! I honestly do not think I could or would want to myself. Which makes me more in awe of how gustsy this girl is!

Find out more about this beautiful travel loving free spirit on her blog:
Love a Traveler:

Thank you so much to these lovely ladies. You guys are awesome and I so enjoyed getting to know more about you. I am proud to call you my friends and look forward to continue reading your blogs!
Q: Have you participated in the SMC or a similar penpal project?
  • Bonnie Rose

    I have just signed up for it, I think it looks like a great idea!

  • Bonnie Rose

    Aahh you got lovely packages both times! I’m a big fan of the “B” postcard!

  • Bonnie Rose

    The more I read of SMC the more i’m thinking of signing up…I just hope I would be able to do it justice – everyone seems to have such gorgeous swaps!
    Dont’ worry by the way – you’re not the only person the UK postal system has it in for!
    Sarah x

  • Bonnie Rose

    YAY! I’m so glad we got paired! :) I’m happy the mail was our friend this time around! I’m hoping the US government shutdown won’t affect our future mailings! Whether it be you sending someone else in the US a package or me even trying to use the post office itself!! 😉 We for sure have to keep in touch! I’m still loving your posts! :)