My Mum’s Top Ten Travel List

traveltopten_mumToday for #TravelTuesday I asked my mum, who is currently staying with us, to come up wiht a a travel top ten list to share with you all.  This is what her top ten list looks like:


1. I like to meet people.
2. Trying new things to eat.
3. Laughing at family and friends who ask, “Why do you want to go there??”
4. Planning the trip months before I go. It’s half the fun. Getting ideas of where to go and what to do.
5. Browsing markets to see what people eat or what sorts of handcrafts they create.
6. Beautiful scenery that I’ve seen in photographs that I get to see for real.
7. I would rather travel than spend money on a flash car or jewelry. The car will get old. The jewelry could be lost or stolen. The travel memories stay with you.
8. Helping others plan travel. It’s neat when you can help.
9. Bringing home some fun travel trophies. Like embroidered pictures from Vietnam, tea from England, handmade jewelry from all over.
10. Meeting christians from other countries.

Pictured with my mum (on the left) in Snowdonia, Wales and at the Sonoita Vineyards in Arizona, USA.


Oceanside at the Jersey shore with my sons on our American holiday a couple of years ago.


In Belize in Central America.


With my sister, and fellow Third Culture Kid.


Enjoying life in a kayak.


With my mum back in 2004 in Thailand on Thailand’s Mother’s Day before we went to Cambodia together.


My mum at the Longhorn Grill in Amado, Arizona.


Q: Where do you want to go and why do you want to go? Let us know in the comments!



  • Cynthia

    Nice list :) I do agree with your mum in that I looove the travel planning involved with taking a trip. Sometimes those dark months of winter can get you down… but not if you have something to plan for the spring or summer. It really keeps me busy, filling my time with researching and writing down every little scrap of useful information that I can so I won’t have to spend any time doing research while on the road, later.

  • Holly Hollyson

    She is right! Our travel experiences can never be taken away from us, I like that!

  • Renuka Singh

    I agree with all your reasons to travel. Travel is an affair with life.

  • Tina @ Girl-Meets-Globe

    So neat to see your mom’s travel top ten!! And yes, I so agree that those memories can not be taking from us!! I also like meeting other Christians around the world!