Paris Opera House

Next week will be the themed Travel Tuesday for March and the theme chosen by Amanda is:

‘Local legends’ | The urban myths and stories you have come upon while traveling, in your expat, life, or ones from your hometown.

I have Amanda guest posting a few times this month as co-host for Travel Tuesday. Without further word from me here is Amanda!



Hello everyone and welcome to Travel Tuesday! My name is Amanda and I blog over at Rhyme & Ribbons. I’m originally from America, but I live in London now. I’ve been lucky enough to go to Paris several times now. One of the attractions in Paris that sticks out in my mind the most, was a tour of the Paris Opera House (Palais Garnier). I was blown away. I haven’t been in a theatre that beautiful before. And I’ve been in some stunning theatres. Although it’s important to keep in mind that at the time the Opera House was built it wasn’t about seeing the opera, it was about being seen AT the opera.

The Palais Garnier was commissioned by Napoleon III in 1861, and was completed in 1875. It was designed by Charles Garnier, and seats 2,013 people, with many of the seats being private boxes.

One of the most stunning things about the auditorium was the contrast of the ceiling by Marc Chagall with the heavy gilding and detailed 7 ton chandelier. Chagall did the ceiling in 1964 to cover the old one by Jules Lenepvue (which was preserved intact). It’s one of the largest stages in the world (the largest in Europe) and I would have loved a chance to run around on it; perhaps giving my female Hamlet.

The Palais Garnier is the setting for the Phantom of the Opera, and in 1869 the chain holding up the massive chandelier snapped killing one audience member. And while I didn’t see any ghosts, it was easy to imagine Christine Daae running around up and down the many beautiful staircases.

Today the Palais Garnier is used primarily for ballet.

outsidecandles in operabalconies insidedetails grand ceilingstaircasetilesopera box seatschagall ceilinggrad hallwayoutside on balcony view from opera house

Corner of Rues Scribe and Auber. 75009 Paris. Tickets cost 10€ and students get a discount.

I could just imagine being Christine Daae here!


Amanda chose Under the Ash Tree’s post in Florence for her favourite post in the link up from last week!

  • Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

    Oooh beautiful pictures of one of my most favourite buildings in Paris Amanda! I did a tour through the Opera House when I was in Paris – next time I’d love to see a ballet (although I believe the tickets to see a ballet would be unbelievable expensive!). x

  • Sara

    Beautiful photos! I’ve taken two tours of the Opera Garnier and it is just stunning! As decadent as you would imagine a French opera house to be :-)

  • Jen Mc

    Your photos are gorgeous! This looks like an amazing place. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sara Rose

    I’ve always wanted to visit the Paris Opera House! These pictures are gorgeous.

  • Christy Swagerty

    The Opera Garnier really is a world away from 2015 – and tant mieux! Have visited several times and can never get enough of the luscious interior and legendary phantom. Finally went to a ballet there in October ( and it was EPIC! But my favorite moments in the Opera have actually been while touring and the auditorium has been closed to tourists. Because there might be a way to climb up to the top seats and watch the rehearsals… 😉 ( Thanks for spotlighting such a beautiful part of Paris in your post!

  • Christine @ A Keane Sense of A

    Gorgeous! I’ve been to Paris twice and still have yet to visit the Paris Opera House! Next time! For sure!

  • Marcella ~ WhatAWonderfulWorld

    What lovely photos, Amanda! I love all the detail and sparkle you captured :)

  • Christina McCall

    What a gorgeous opera house, it reminds me of the one in Vienna but its even more ornate!

  • Jamie | North of Something

    The photos are gorgeous! I have the worst time photographing candles and candlelight :)