Where You Should Live Based on your Myers Briggs Personality Type

WHEREYOUSHOULDLIVEMEYERSBRIGGSHave you ever put in any thought that your personality could be pointing you to a specific location on the globe?  As a nomadic child by birth and with the label now as a Third Culture Kid, I do not find one specific place my ‘home’.  I instead take all the places I have ever lived or spent a significant part of my life and hold ownership in them.  Before I knew what a Third Culture Kid, or TCK, was I used to say I was from ‘no where’ and now as an Adult TCK, or ATCK, I say I am from ‘everywhere’.  Still I wish there was some place that we all without homes could feel at home.  Though my quick answer to that has always been the airport.  A place of comfort.  Then I stumbled upon this website that took your Myers Briggs personality type and paired it up with one place on the globe.  Of course I had to know where I was destined.

I had previously taken the the personality quiz in University back in 2001 and then had taken it again 2013 for my Blogtober post, both times getting ENFP.

As I scrolled down for answers I started getting sad that I was not getting the other cities I was seeing listed. My personality type ended up being at the end and as I drew close I was actually dreading what would be there waiting for me.  What could be left?  That sounds really silly, but it shows how much I was holding on to this personality matched with a city idea.


ENFP – San Francisco, USA

“ENFPs barf rainbows. San Francisco barfs rainbows. It’s a perfect fit. But in all seriousness, the liberal values of San Francisco have been attracting NF types for decades. Known for its hippy-dippy attitude and intellectual focus alike, the city is a perfect fit for the idealistic, liberally minded ENFP. This type enjoys exploring numerous avenues of self-expression and personal growth, which San Francisco provides ample opportunity for. This buzzing, vibrant city mirrors the attitude of the effervescent ENFP in almost every way possible.”

After reading about ENFPs in San Francisco I felt very happy to get this as my answer. Yes, it was found on the mainland USA and not Hawaii, somewhere in Europe, or a place I had yet to be in perhaps Asia.  It was quite fitting with my personality.  Not to mention I do love San Francisco and had lived not to far away in Monterey for a couple of years with our first born as a baby when my husband was in the military. If I was to move back to the USA it would have to be the west coast all the way.

How about you?  Have you taken the Myers Briggs personality type test yet?  What are you and where should you live?

You can take the Myers Briggs personality type test here.

You can find out where you should live here.

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  • http://www.awesomeville.co.uk/ Nicky @ Awesomeville.co.uk

    I’m an INTJ, it recommended Seattle!

  • http://thetravellinglindfields.blogspot.com.au/ thetravellinglindfields

    Home is where your husband and children are – and if from time to time that is a hotel room, a caravan or even a tent then so be it. As an inveterate traveller I have always felt at home as long as I was with my husband and children – it was easy when the kids were young but not so easy now they are adults and much of the time on a different continent to their father and I.

  • http://welaughanyway.com/ Yalanda_Meshell

    This is so fun! I love these kinds of tests! Turns out I should live in Florence, Italy. Thanks Bonnie!

  • http://prettythingandco.com/ Madaline

    I always find these kind of tests so interesting. Ironically I got Florence, Italy (and I live in Rome!)… and Florence was always my first choice of living space.

  • http://www.earthwanderess.com

    I got Berlin, huh. Who knew. I haven’t been there in 7 years. I should return :)

  • Andrea

    I got Zurich! Thanks for sharing! Very neat tool :)

  • http://www.thriftygypsytravels.com Katrina Elisabet

    Can’t wait to take this quiz! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.onetripatatime.com Stacey

    I took the test many years ago and found it very interesting and pretty spot on describing me. Had to click over to see where I should live and it says Paris! That’s too cool as I have talked FOR YEARS about wanting to move to Paris for a year (secretly thinking I might not ever leave).
    Thanks for sharing this. Such fun!

  • http://kcsaling.com/ Kristin

    New York, New York – which is beyond fitting! I lived in New York for several years and loved everything about it. Only a job in Hawaii could have dragged me away from it, and it did…I think I left claw-marks in La Guardia as I was hauled away!

  • http://www.sedivaabroad.com/ Sarah Elizabeth

    Wow, this is actually super cool! I had no idea this was a thing.