Scotland with Caity

One of the last big trips we took during our study abroad semester was up to Scotland.
We had just came back from three weeks of backpacking through Europe,
so to say the least – we were EXHAUSTED.
We literally landed in London on Friday morning and were set to trek up to Scotland on Saturday morning,
so at the time, the trip did not sound so appealing.
Which is so shameful to say because Scotland was one of the greatest trips we took.
The most beautiful scenes I may ever see in my life.
If I could recommend a place to go, it would be here.
We made a short visit in Edinburgh,
and then made our way up to Loch Ness where we heard all about the mythical creature
who our guide had apparently seen with his own eyes over ten times.
I will say though,
he had enough facts and support
to make me want to believe that this thing was real.
Unfortunately we didn’t get to see ‘Nessie,’
but I’m pretty sure the next time I’m up there it’ll happen..
We made our way up to the Isle of Skye into the Highlands.
Every stop we made was another incredible view –
I honestly can’t even explain how gorgeous it was, and my photos absolutely do not do it justice either.


We ended the trip at Loch Sligachan.
There is an old belief that if you stick your face in the water for seven seconds,
you will be blessed with eternal youth.
So naturally, in 40 degree weather with our peacoats and scarves
we were all set to submerge our faces in this ice bath.
No, I never question my life choices – why would you ask that?
And yes I do, in fact, still look like that.
I know what you’re thinking – ‘OBVIOUSLY Caity .. it’s only been three years..’
But no. That’s not why.
It’s because I stuck my face in a freezing lake in the middle of Scotland, actually.

  • Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki

    Scotland is so high on my travel bucket list, your pictures are beautiful!

  • Corinne Vail

    We’re heading to Scotland this summer…you can be sure my face is getting dunked. Does it help if you do it multiple times? I need to take a few years off!

  • Jamie | ink + adventure

    gorgeous photos! I’d love to make it to Scotland some day… and maybe stick my face in that lake :)

  • RamblinLove

    I love Scotland it is so beautiful. I love how much open country there is.

  • MilliGFunk

    The photos were beautiful, but the last few lines were my favorite. Thanks for making your post light-hearted *and* beautiful!

  • Kristin

    Beautiful photos! What a ruggedly gorgeous place. I hope I can get there someday and decide whether or not I’m bold enough to stick my face in a freezing lake ๐Ÿ˜€

  • AmyMacWorld

    Haha the fountain of youth in a Scottish loch! If any water has that magic, it would be Scotland ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Isabel

    Scotland is such a must on my list! Ahh these restless feet want to be there so bad!

  • Marcella ~ WhatAWonderfulWorld

    Amazing photos! Looks like a really amazing trip :)

  • Lo {Travel the Unbeaten Path}

    Beautiful photos. Scotland is DEFINITELY on my list. And I bet that face in the water felt good! hahah!

  • Deasy Noel

    Ah, beautiful photos! I would love to visit Scotland one of these days <3

  • Laura

    The scenery looks incredible up there. I still can’t believe I’ve never made the trip up – maybe this year will be the year!

  • Jessi @2feet1world

    Stunning photographs. Hehe I love that you went for it with the water… eternal youth is totally worth it :)

  • K J S

    Very much enjoyed your post, gorgeous photos. I have been to Edinburgh and had a great time, but have yet to make it further. You should do an eternal youth update post in ten or twenty years… ๐Ÿ˜‰