Travel Tuesday | You Have Been Chosen

Christine Keane 3
Sara and Christine would like to nominate:
Lauren from Lauren on Location (
Courtney from Alkeks Abroad (
Congrats ladies and let us take another look at our past Travel Tuesday hosts and how you can keep in touch with them from their blogs and across the social media network.
Christine Keane 2
Christine: For this coming year, I will be traveling to the east coast of America, Mexico, and Belize (as of right now) and will be sharing my travel stories from these places. I will also continue sharing my Houston adventures as well as fun Texas day/weekend trips. As long as I have at least 1 trip to look forward to at any given time, I’m a happy girl!
Christine Keane
“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous
Snapchat: akeanesense


Sara:  My blog, SARA SEES, is my little online diary documenting my favorite things — traveling and music! I love to share stories, photos, and tips to encourage people to get out of their comfort  zone and TRAVEL! I want people to know that it is possible totravel as a college student/young adult on a budget!
I’m currently loving life as an expat in Dublin, Ireland so I’m sharing a lot more posts specifically about Ireland and expat life now, but still sharing stories on previous travels around Europe!
“Move. As far as you can. As much as you can. Across the ocean or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes, or at least eat their food. Open your mind. Get off the couch. Move.” – Anthony Bourdain

  • LydiaCLee

    Great to have all the ways to follow – thanks!

  • Isabel @ TheSunnySideofThis

    Love both Courtney’s and Lauren’s blog. So exciting!!

  • Marcella ~ WhatAWonderfulWorld

    Great new co-hosts :)

  • laurenonlocation

    YAY ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Cool to learn more about these blogs!

  • Kerridwen – The Tiger’s Sterne

    Thanks for the link up, looking forward to reading others’ posts! :)

  • Christine | A Keane Sense

    Co-hosting with Sara was so much fun! Thanks for the opportunity Bonnie! Can’t wait for Lauren and Courtney to take over :)

  • Courtney {Alkeks Abroad}

    I am a little late to the game but SO excited to start hosting :)