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King Arthur’s Labyrinth – Corris, Wales

Our third day in Wales we decided to take everyone to one of the visitor attractions in the area that would interest both the kids and adults a like.  Since there is a lot of Arthur legend found in Wales, we opted to visit the King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Corris.  We arrived with the typical UK weather of not knowing if it would rain or not.  Luckily spending a day at King Arthur’s Labyrinth means there are plenty of places to duck in side if does start to pour. Luckily for us we did not have to deal with the rain during our stay. We started off by going to the cafe for lunch to feed our group.  They have a nice picnic area outside where you can sit and the kids can later play on the playground equipment in an enclosed area.  We then ventured around the nine different craft shops that boasted local goods like the wooden Welsh love spoons, candles, and leather goods.  
When our group was ready we went on the Cave tour which involved donning a hard hat and following our hooded tour guide of very few words. What followed was a dramatized boat ride into the old abandoned slate caverns where we followed on foot underground in the dark and winding labyrinth.  Every so often we would stop to hear more of the legends. The atmosphere down there is quite interesting as it is very cold (so remember to bundle up), quite dark, and many low ceilings where even tall children would have to duck their heads.  When we finished we let the children play at the park again until we were ready to leave for the day.  Overall it was a very nice visitor attraction for families and groups. There was also a tour of the abandoned mines where you can see the remains of the miners that sounded really interesting. Due to the iffy weather it was not available to us but something for a sequential visit for sure. 

Q: What do you think of King Arthur’s Labyrinth? Would you go into the caves?

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