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Support Military Kids!

I was born in England and lived on military bases overseas until I turned 17 and my family ‘returned’ to the states. I later became a military wife and had two of my own military ‘brats’. This is cause near my heart. Theres a lot that military kids go through. The moment my dad came home from the gulf war when we were in England still sticks to my mind as one of the best days of my childhood. Seeing him alive and home, even better yet, that he surprised me at school after field hockey brought the biggest smile to my face.

“Know what would be awesome? If everyone wore purple today. I’ve worn shirts of every color in support of all kinds of causes well this is one very near and dear to my heart. Very often the sacrifice that is made by the children of service members is overlooked. So today wear purple and if you know a military kid…give them an extra hug.” – anonymous¬†