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Il Cimitero delle Fontanelle [Travel Tuesday]

I had lived in the city of Naples twice for a total of six years before I went back to visit last summer.  As life would have it one of my military wife friends from Hawaii was now stationed in my hometown.  I had so much fun getting to visit with her in a place that meant so much to me.  The highlight was having her show to me some aspects of bella Napoli that I had never experienced before.  One of which was seeing the Fontanelle cemetery, which until recent times had been closed off and private any visitors.  
The Fontanelle Cemetery is an ancient cemetery located in the Sanita district in Naples.  It gets its name because of the presence of water sources back in ancient times.  The cemetery includes 40,000 body remains that were victims from a the plague in 1656 and cholera in 1836.  
There is something known as the ‘Pezzentelle’ which had provided people with the ability to adopt and placement of one of the unknown skulls which then ‘corresponded to a soul abandoned in exchange for protection’.   Which is why you will see many skulls in the photos below not apart of the mass pile but decorated or put in special boxes.  It was a really interesting sight and I really enjoyed getting to see it.


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Memorial Day

While today is Bank Holiday in England it is Memorial Day back in the United States.  While either day may mean days off from work, picnics, and bbqs, I take this time to remember those closest in my life who have risked much for the the many they will never meet.  Especially for the fallen heroes, those who never got the opportunity to return home to their loved ones and to the ones still Missing in Action. 

The F-111 in Lakenheath, England is the plane my dad used to fly.  He was a navigator and bombardier in the USAF. He retired as a Lt. Col after 30+ years of service that included fighting in the Gulf War.  
My fondest memories of Memorial day with my daddy is visiting the American Military Cemetery in Nettuno near Anzio.  I remember once we went there and got there when Clinton was in office and I was so excited to get to see the President in person.  I believe it was a special place for my dad because his father had fought here in Italy during WWII.  Basically that is three genrations of my family who have spent significant parts of their life in Italy and four generations of my family whom have lived in Europe. 

Although no longer with us, I remember him especially today.  He is the reason I was born abroad and was able to grow up on military bases overseas until the age of seventeen.  He was an influential person in my husband’s life and a big factor for why he chose to follow in his footsteps and join the USAF too.    I wish he could visit us and enjoy our life here in Europe with us but I know he is smiling down from Heaven.

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. 
Rather we should thank God that such men lived.”
– Gen. Patton

This is my time to remember my dad’s father, my dad, and my husband for their years of service and in the US Armed Forces.  I also say thank you to everyone else who has served their country and sacrificed  much.  It is a great honour, purpose, and duty and to you I write this post.  Thank you. 
Happy Memorial Day Everyone. 
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Travel: Père Lachaise Cemetery

On my return trip to France there was one place I had marked down on my list of ‘must see places’ in Paris: Père Lachaise Cemetery.  As the largest cemetery within the city of Paris it is thought to be one of the most visited cemeteries in the world.  When the eternally resting occupants include Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Moliere, and Chopin it is no wonder that hundreds of thousands visitors pay their respects every year.  Though I named a few, many more are buried here that enriched the country of France over the past two hundred years.  Edith Piaf, the popular French singer who died in 1963, was at the top of my list as my favourite ‘La Vie en Rose’ played in my head. While it only boasted about a dozen graves when it opened in 1804 it became popular as a final resting place with the first few celebrities.

Now a days it is very hard to be buried here with restrictions to having lived and died in Paris. With very few plots available the waiting list I have heard is quite long. Together with the famous Whose Who’ of France are not one but three World War I memorials. Suffice to say that you cannot walk the cobbled stone paths without feeling you are being immersed lifetimes of history, culture and life. I will say that it can be quite easy to get lost. My advice before you arrive is to research online and if you want to be really prepared bring with you a map noting the different graves you would like to see.  Alongside the most famous celebrities there are also many notable people whose headstones are like art and they mark not just history but interesting stories.  

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That is my visit to the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France.  
We actually stayed at a place via 
which was only a short walk away and in a beautiful and quiet neighbourhood 
if you are looking for a place to stay in Paris.  
Have you been to this cemetery?
Would love to hear your thoughts!  
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