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Crickhowell Town, Wales – Travel Tuesday

This is my first post about our trip to Wales for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.  We drove from where we live in Bath, England to Dollegau, Wales.  Instead of driving straight through we decided to stop somewhere halfway so that the kids could all get out and run around for a bit.  It was in the town Crickhowell, Wales where we got out and met up with our friends.  Up to this point Wales had been seen from behind the glass windows of the car in awe.  The countryside is so beautiful and dotted everywhere with sheep.
Upon arrival in Crickhowell we found the remaining ruins of a castle that became the majestic backdrop for the childrens’ park in town.  Adjacent to the playground a cricket match was going and there was a neighbouring field of sheep. It could not have been a more perfect setting for our first experience in Wales for this trip.  
There were five kids among the two families and they had an amazing time playing together despite the rain.  At one point the rain was just coming down in buckets while they screamed and ran and enjoyed every drop.  All in all it was a lovely place to stop and definitely worth a look for this week’s Travel Tuesday post. 

A Compass Rose

A Compass Rose

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Found some lost photos of my dad with Maddox the last time we saw him. With his super dark tan, long hair, and aloha shirts he totally fit in being with us in Hawaii. I think he spent more time under the water scuba diving than he did out on the surface.
Lounging to keep warm.
One Ukelele at 1PM
#photoadayapril #photoadaychallange
In camera shot of my son this morning at Sports day today at school.
Ronan playing Cricket at Sports day today at his school.
‎”When I go strapless, I am more of a professional” @JasmineStar on shooting without a camera strap. @the_bonnierose @creativeLIVE
Being motivated by Jasmine Star, wedding photographer, on a live online course. @jasminestar