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Manifold [Night out in London]

This is part of a post that was submitted to the Manifold magazine.  I went out with my friend Evette in London.  This was my first time going out dancing since living in Hawaii.  Being a single mum while Ryan was still in Hawaii being busy here with home and work since we moved here, I have not had a lot of time or opportunities to get out. When my friend got to London I was very excited to not only catch up but have much needed girl time.  I met up with Evette at her hotel room and we got all dolled up.  We found a club and had a great time dancing.  After meeting up with a new friend, the three of us went out for Lebanese food for dinner.  It was a great night of friends, food, and memories to last! Thank you Evette, I look forward to seeing you again!

With my friend Evette from Hawaii