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Win London Retro frames from Glasses Direct


Have you ever bought prescription glasses online or do you usually go to the optician to select your new frames?  Up till now I have always tried on my glasses in person.  I am that lovely near-sighted girl who continues to put on and take off different frames in comparison inches away from the mirror.  Which do I like better?  One or Two? This brand or that brand over there? Do I stick with the tried and true Buddy Holiday inspired frames or opt for colour? Continue reading

Blogging: Social Media & Your Brand

Today’s prompt for Blogtember states, “Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.” 
When I started this blog back in January of 2005 I did not have the social media outlets that I do today, mainly because many of them did not exist yet.  Aside from message forums, chat rooms, and texting blogging became my first step into the social media scene.  I began my blog to share photos of my newborn son as we embarked on the new life as a military family far away from family.  Within that year I created accounts with Livejournal and Myspace. My world was finding it’s way online but behind the protection of passwords.  I even stopped blogging for a while because I was scared about sharing photos of my son online.  
Eight years down the road and things have really changed in the way social media impacts my life.  I was at a job interview where I had previously turned in my CV containing links to my various social media platforms and was greeted with, ‘I feel like I already know everything about you.” I google myself and am greeted with much of my photography portfolio and images from my blog.  Being in the creative scene I realised that my name and my presence online is my brand. Anything I share online now is married to the fact that once it is out there, it is out there. 
As of today my whole family’s life is impacted by social media.  I am constantly documenting our life on camera and sharing online.  My husband uses social media to talk about foreign policy and his football club, Arsenal. My kids now will come up to me and ask me to take a photo of something and share it on facebook. Anytime we are out and have to wait on something, more than likely my husband and I will have our phones out.  The digital age of constantly checking, sharing, or reading something online. With the world of smart phones I can be out of the house and publish a blog post.  Furthermore I can share a photo from the post on Instagram, which automatically gets shared to my twitter feed, which can then be shared to my facebook wall.  Within seconds I have shared a piece of my life with over a thousand people in my personal network alone. 
I believe with all things there is a learning curve with social media and making sure it does not take over your life.  However used well and it can really benefit your business, your brand, and your blog. I have put together a Social Media & Your Brand infographic for this purpose.
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*infographic orginal to ACR made by Bonnie Rose © 2007 – 2013 | All Rights Reserved –

You’re Invited to a Tea Party

This month I sponsored Living in Another Language.  Amanda is a teacher living the expat life with her husband in South, Korea.  I am very excited to not only sponsor her expat blog, but to co-host in a  a very international giveaway.  Each blogger was selected from a different country to make this a special themed giveaway from all around the world.  It is like having a penpal when we were little, except that if you win you get packages from several different bloggers with different postages.  Special thank you to all the ladies who accepted to be apart of this giveaway. It means so much to me that you wanted to join in and participate with us.  Of course a big thank you to Amanda for making this all possible and putting together such a creative giveaway for our readers.  I hope you guys love this giveaway as much as I do and will have fun participating!  Thank you for your continual comments, love, and support.  If you have just found me today through the giveaway, thank you for coming over and I look forward to getting to know you better. 
We were all little girls once. We all played tea party with our stuffed animals, dolls, siblings, and parents. But let’s face it…we STILL love tea parties! That’s why I’ve teamed up with a group of awesome girls to send everything you could possibly need for a tea party delivered to your home. :)

 photo giveawayteatime_zps2d38bc9c.jpg1. Bonnie @ A Compass Rose // 2. Amanda @ Living in Another Language // 3. Casey @ We Took The Road Less Traveled// 4. Erica @ Expatria, Baby // 5. Patricia @ Kisses and Croissants // 6. Erica @ To the Sea // 7. Melyssa @ The Nectar Collective

Now on to the part you’ve been waiting for…  photo goods_zps9a9f90f6.jpg1.$10 Gift Card to Jess Vartanian’s Etsy Shop // 2. $10 Gift Card to Sephora // 3. Nail design kit: french mani guides, glitter, nail art paintbrushes, dot pen and more // 4. Polish pottery mug // 5.Beautiful silkscreened tea towel from independent Indonesian designer Tulisan // 6. Domo cup (for tea/coffee!), matcha chocolate, green tea face mask, & ice cream notebook // 7. Tea & a custom made hair fascinator (you choose the color)
1// Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY
2// Winner will be notified via email on Wednesday 6/19/13 or Thursday 6/20/13.
You have two days (48 hours) to respond to winner notification email. If you do not, a new winner will be chosen.
3// Winner will be verified.
4// View the Terms & Conditions listed on the Rafflecopter below
5//Enter away! The more entries you fill out, the more likely you are to win!

Giveaways for June

It is the last day of May and it is time to celebrate! 
We have completed the #BlogEveryDayInMay challenge!
We now have over 200 Readers through Bloglovin’! 
If that does not may you excited enough,
I have two goodies for you!
The first is I have updated my Sponsor spots 
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If that was not already great
I have been asked again by Mish
to be part of her monthly Giveaway!
Up for grabs from these beautiful ladies:
Enter below!
And remember, the more entries you make, the better chances for you to win. Obvi. #simplemathskills
Good Luck and have a great weekend!

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Enjoy and have a great weekend!

March Giveaway with Mish Lovin’ Life

I was asked by Michelle of Mish Lovin’ Life 
to be part of her 3rd Ginormous Group Giveaway!
You could very well be the lucky winner this month.
{The Rafflecopter gods are upon us.}
Up For Grabs:
**$70 worth of giftcards to Target, Amazon, & Your Choice!**
**13 different ad spots with your name on them!**
**Custom Post Signature**
**An Infinity Scarf!**
**Necklace & Bracelet combo!**
**Dream Big 8×10 Print**
**Travel Photography Print**

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