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Tailoring in Bangkok, Thailand

The first time I went to Thailand was for a Summer in 2004 with my husband to do mission work. We had heard from the other American students all about getting suits made while in Bangkok.  I would have loved to get one however I was about to start my second trimester and was already showing.  A maternity suit that would not last though out  my entire pregnancy was not on my current shopping list of souvenirs from South East Asia.  In 2006 I returned to Thailand and went on to visit Cambodia with my mum to go to the Asian Mission Forum.  Before leaving to go back to California my mum surprised me with getting a suit tailored in Bangkok, Thailand.  There are many tailors to choose from and some may have their perks. But basically whichever you choose you are going to be getting a suit custom made for you for way less than it would be in the US.
I have memories of waking down the the street of designer stores with my dad as he picked out the suits he liked best to have a tailor make him.  It is what inspired me to have a seamstress make the designer bridal gown I fell in love with for my wedding.  Aside from that I did not know exactly what to expect when we first entered the shop.  Upon arrival we were sat down in the reception area, looking through books of photos to choose the design we liked best.  Once that is decided you choose your fabric.  I also was getting blouses made to wear with my suit and was excited to choose the fabric and colour for those.  I have never had a blouse fit me perfectly from a department store.  Either it is too tight on top, or fits the bust perfectly but is too lose in the midsection.  I have to say after getting my blouses back, you can never go back to off the rack.  If you do, you will want to get them tailored before wearing them.  
My three piece suit (Jacket, trousers, and a skirt) are still in my wardrobe seven years later.  I have gotten to wear it on multiple occasions despite not having an office job.  The photo pictured below of me in my suit is from the Balvenie Whiskey tasting at the infamous Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California.  While I still love my suit I would love to go back to Thailand and come home with three more suits and maybe seven blouses.  I know my husband is still a tiny bit jealous he did not get to go.
Q: Have you ever had a suit tailored for you? Where did you get yours made?  Would you go to Thailand just get clothes?