Halloween Party

I had to work but the boys went to a halloween party at one of Ryan’s friends house. For the party Ryan went as Ash from the movie Army of Darkness
The one and only photo ryan took of the boys (in this case Ronan) at the party while I was at work.
Maddox bathed himself in Jamba.
Ronan coloured in the colouring book.
Maddox read a book.
The boys opened up their goodies.
So after all that trick or treating the boys got to eat absolutely none of it. They gave it all to the ‘Halloween Ghost’ and the next morning they got non food goodies instead. Honestly I hate halloween, i love dressing up, but thats that. So since the inlaws make it a point to keep sending crap im going to throw out anyways, at least this way we could give them a few things the morning of to make Halloween complete and over with.