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Valentines Day Gift

I have been asked ‘What and why would be the best gift idea’ for Valentines Day?’ 
For me days such as these are another excuse for me to have my DSLR out and my iphone camera ready to take photographs of memories to share and cherish.  The most important aspect of my life is my family and those precious moments we share together.  The best gift I could give or receive would be a memory for us.  One of my favourite things about living in England is being outside and taking country walks.  A Valentines day themed picnic  would be a perfect place to stage the day.  They say ‘that the way to man’s heart is through to his stomach’ and bringing themed foods like bacon hearts and chocolate dipped bacon roses would definitely make my husband happy.  To be fair though I would be just as happy. Definitely a pretty out doors location, good company, good food, good wine, and photographs to remember the moment forever. 

With much thanks to Pinterest these images are not mine, and you can find out more about them by clicking: 1) Valentines Day Picnic with themed Stationary 2) Bacon Hearts 3) Lamb Rose Bouquet which is something I would love to give to my Valentine.

 For the meat lover in your life! “Beef Bouquet” by British butcher Antony Bowness of Quality Standard Beef and Lamb located in Tewkesbury, England”

Let me ask you now:  What would be your best Valentines day gift idea and why?

Happy Easter Part II

The joys of living in another country are receiving care packages from family members ‘back home’.  We received our Easter package from my in laws today and the boys were really excited to stretch out Easter just a little further. Besides what child would say no to more candy? Obviously not mine.

Earrings for Easter that my MIL bought me. 
Easter care package from the inlaws.  
Easter cards, green grass, and some hard boiled eggs. 
Took the boys to the park to run out their sillys.
Mr. Men chocolates…yum! 

Watching live tv for the first time off my FIL’s slingbox. Almost a year since I’ve seen American commercials. Feel like Im back in the US.

Indiana Jones Birthday Party

Today was the much awaited birthday party for my newly seven year old, Ronan.  He loves Indiana Jones. We went to a leisure centre for his birthday party and all the kids got to play in the  soft play area which had two stories.  Afterwards we had an english tea with a lot of canapes and treats.  At the parties in England you light the cake, but send pieces home instead with the guests. You also do not open presents until you get home.  The boys had a great time!
Ronan in his Indiana Jones costume.  Apparently we were the first party to show up in costumes at this venue.

Time for food and treats! 
Ronan and his classmate and friend Chinmay with their party hats. 
Maddox with his classmates Felix and William.
The Reception age boys decided to make horns out of the party hats. 
Ronan’s birthday cake was a DS player. 
Ryan with party horns. 

Merry Christmas

Had a really great first Christmas in England with my partner and boys. Ryan and I did not get a whole lot of sleep, but the smiles on the boys’ faces were so worth it!  We dressed up and took a lot of photos.  Thank you Bob Aherin & Sue Aherin for all the goodies and presents you sent. Best part was surprising our kids with the Indiana Jones themed room complete with a new loft bed. The boys spent the day playing with all of their new toys and gifts.  They really enjoyed their new Arsenal football outfits and football fuzzy robes.  Plus what is better than spending the day in our pajamas! Ryan made a really wonderful Christmas dinner and we had a blast with the Christmas crackers.  Ready now to make up on the sleep we missed last night. Buon Natale to all my friends xx

Before breakfast the boys got to open up their morning gifts of water bottles and pajamas.   
The boys with their ‘Christmas pajamas’ of Arsenal football outfits!
The boys opening their stockings. 
Train tracks and a train whistle! 
Thanks to my mother-in-laws who makes sure the  ‘mum’ gets goodies on Christmas. 
Thank you Sue for all the Betsey Johnson jewelry, bag, and other presents! 
Batman and Indiana Jones makes for two very happy boys! 
Doctor Who invades the household! 
Ronan’s favourite gift was all the Doctors!
Symbolic present for a new riding helmet from Ryan for riding lessons! 
Passing out gifts to the boys.  
Maddox in his gold crown. 

The boys with their Christmas dinner. 
Ham. So good. 
What I got in my Christmas cracker.  I got ‘In Love’. 

Christmas Pudding. 
The Boys’ new Indiana Jones curtains and new Toy chest. 
The Indiana Jones themed club house under the loft bed.  
Complete with a drawbridge with ‘very strong wood’!  
Indiana Jones themed room!

St. Nikolaus & the Shoes

I have picked up many a customs and traditions along my life as a nomad.  One of these is St. Nikolaus, from my time living in Germany.  On the Eve of December 5th, children put out a boot or shoe outside of their front door.  In the morning the children find that St. Nikolaus has filled it up with gifts and sweets after checking to see if the children were ‘good, polite, and helpful the last  year’.  The boys woke me up as they were opening up their goodies from their shoes.  There were candy canes, lego figures, toy airplanes, and a helicopter.  It is a nice tradition I have enjoyed thus far with my kids.  ‘Morty the Moose’ left some moose paper for the boys to make paper chains with today. They enjoyed the craft and we will have fun growing the chain through out the month.  

Maddox holding the candy and toys left in his shoe.
St. Nicholas came and filled the boys shoes with candy and small toys. 
Crumpets with jam and clotted cream
Ronan and Maddox at school. 
Lamb with sweet potatoes and roasted veggies.
Step One: Folding the wrapping paper in strips.

Step 2: Cut along the fold to create long strips.
Step 3: Cutting into smaller strips

Step 4: Fold strips into loops and tape to secure.  Add another strip into the loop and repeat.
Step 5: Hang up on the wall

Our hanging decoration.

Our Polar Express Christmas bells from  Christmas 2008
Bows, cookie cutters, bells, ornaments, and lights. 

Halloween Party

I had to work but the boys went to a halloween party at one of Ryan’s friends house. For the party Ryan went as Ash from the movie Army of Darkness
The one and only photo ryan took of the boys (in this case Ronan) at the party while I was at work.
Maddox bathed himself in Jamba.
Ronan coloured in the colouring book.
Maddox read a book.
The boys opened up their goodies.
So after all that trick or treating the boys got to eat absolutely none of it. They gave it all to the ‘Halloween Ghost’ and the next morning they got non food goodies instead. Honestly I hate halloween, i love dressing up, but thats that. So since the inlaws make it a point to keep sending crap im going to throw out anyways, at least this way we could give them a few things the morning of to make Halloween complete and over with.