New Phone

I love Apples.  They are juicy, sweet, and tart.  I also love my macbook pro, my ipod, and my iPhone.  But I had an iPhone 3Gs and I did not like the camera on the phone.  To add to that it has been slowly dying on me.  It had cracked screen for about six months before I got the screen replaced and the off button that had fallen out made it impossible to turn off or on.  So when my iPhone decided that it would not connect to my sim card anymore, I knew it was time to say ‘rest in peace’.  I really wanted to get an iPhone 4 and I knew that the iPhone 5 would be coming out sometime in the future.  Unfortunately time and money are not on my side.  So i was swayed to the dark side and instead of getting an iPhone 4s, I went with a droid by Samsung.  Right away I had to start customizing it and downloading my favourite apps.  To which I have to say a lot of things seem to be ‘free’ compared to the iPhone.  There are a few iPhone only apps that I really miss, but I think with time I will be able to grow past that.  I do however love that my new phone has an amazing battery life.   I love the large clear and bright screen. Well it may be a bit too bright.  I honestly have it on the lowest light setting it can go and unless I am outside in the sunlight it is easily to be seen. The email functions I have to say are my favourite and apparently this borrowed over from the Blackberry system.  The camera. Yes. It is amazing. It has the front facing camera for Skype chats and a flash which my iPhone did not.  I do have to say I am having to get used to taking photos with it.  With all that said its still a new phone and I’m still trying to get used to it. Who knows…I may go back to an iPhone some day and I’m definitely not leaving my macbook pro anytime soon!