Saturday Picnic

The sun was out today and we had a busy Saturday planned.  Though not a school day, we were up at our usual waking hour to get the boys to the school for the open house day.  The children were broken into groups and did a series of games and activities while the parents enjoyed tea, cake, and conversation.  The boys and I left shortly before it was over to meet my husband at the train station and we headed down to Brighton.  Apparently all of London was on our train, because all the cars were very packed and crowded.  We met up with our friend, Annette, whom we rented a room from last summer, and her neighbour and kids.  It was a beautiful afternoon for a picnic and we had a nice spot in the shade. Ryan had made fresh bread from the oven for our sandwiches and I think that was definitely a highlight.  Before we left all the kids got together to play cricket and they even let me catching on the fun. It was a great Saturday and I wish the sun was here to stay for the summer.

Cricket with Ruby, Ronan, Molly, and Maddox.
My turn at playing Cricket with the kids in the park.
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12 o’clock: Picnic at the park on a warm sunny English day with the family.
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Me ‘as a child': Dressing up as Goldilocks and posing with one of my bears.
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“Don’t take my silence for confusion…I was just trying to kill you with my mind.” – Sam (Burn Notice) @GroovyBruce

Playing Cricket in the park with Ronan, Ruby, and Molly. Technically I’m watching and Ronan and Ruby are really competitive. So much fun. xx

“Sometimes you make friends and then never see them again.”- Ronan (age 7) “The story of my life, son.” – Bonnie Rose (TCK)

Picnic with the family and friends in Brighton at the park.

Really enjoying the sunny 20°C + weather these past few days. This is my type of climate.
  • Sandy

    Looks like everyone had a good time on the picnic. Homemade bread……….wow, that takes sandwiches to a whole different level.Archival Walking

  • Sandy

    Just noticed the note about you responding back via email…wondered why? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of blogging and return blog traffic to the people who visit you?

    • Bonnie Rose

      Thats a great question. The thing is some people have their email addresses connected to their account so when I reply thats where it goes and since all my comments get directed to my email box I can reply right from there. However there are instances where people are a ‘no reply blogger’ like you where the email address that shows up next to your name says ‘no reply blogger’ so to respond to your comment I need to reply on my blog. However the liklihood of someone remembering to check all the posts to which they commented that day is not very likely. Which halts the conversation process. There are some bloggers who will not even reply to no reply bloggers. I used to be one, didnt know it, and had no clue why bloggers never replied to my comments. So to answer your question again, no it actually makes the blogging experience even better because then it creates a conversation between other bloggers and me. I can tell a huge difference in blogger relationships that are closer between the bloggers with whom we respond back and forth via email (from the comment they commented on that went to my email box) to bloggers I cannot continue a conversation with online.

      It was a bit wordy of an explanation, but i hope that makes sense?