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In Memory of Michael Bonner


Having lost my dad too soon in 2008, the concept of death seems never to be too far from my mind.  I wonder what would happened to my family if something were to happen to me. Or what we would do if one of my family members dies.  I never used to think like this.  Life is really so short and precious. It is why I cherish now every day with my family. Why I hope to bestow my appreciation and love on those in my life.  Why when someone does leave us too soon, it keeps bringing that focus back to what is really important in life.  Still when someone else I knew died unexpectedly I still felt like I didn’t know how to process it.  Why do good, caring, and amazing people have to leave us so soon? I do not know if that question will ever be answered for me.  Continue reading

Self Portrait: ‘Nominated’

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 - 2014 All rights reserved |

Self Portrait: ‘Nominated’ Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2014 All rights reserved |

My self portrait ‘Nominate’ was taken today in response to being nominated for the MADS 2014 Blogger awards.  I was so excited to find out I have been nominated in the following categories: Blog of the Year, Photography blog, and Family Travel blog. Thank you everyone who suggested A Compass Rose for the MADS.


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Self Portrait: ‘Il Mio Amore’

This week was love week and we ended on Valentines Day. It seems only fitting that my self portrait for this week be about love and so I present you with this piece entitled, ‘Il Mio Amore’. With red lips, red nails, and red flowers in my hair I hold on to what I love so much in life. My husband, my partner, my lover and friend. Thank you Ryan for being the love of my life (and of course for sitting for me while I kept running back and forth from the camera to capture this image). Continue reading

Vow Renewal: Portmeirion, Wales

PortmeiriontitleIt is Travel Tuesday and we continue Love Week here at A Compass Rose.  Today I take you to the coastal resort of Portmeirion.  This is where we had our ceremony for our 10th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal in Wales.  It is a really beautiful town that has a very Italian look to it as it is nestled in the woods and on the coast of the Welsh ocean.  The colours are beautiful and it was a perfect place to renew our vows. Continue reading

Travel Throwback #2: Australia

Gosford Australia

Welcome back to my new series for Thursdays on A Compass Rose called ‘Travel Throwback’.  Last week I shared a travel photo from my archives from Cambodia.   Today I wanted to share a photograph that I often use as a wallpaper for my desktop.  This is a photograph I took on a boat while in Gosford, Australia.  The time out on that lake was such a memorable one for me.   Continue reading

Travel: Your Most Memorable Night’s Sleep

I was asked about where my most memorable night’s sleep has been on my travels.  There have been some incredible places that I have stayed around the world but nothing more magical to me than my time in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  My mum and I stayed at the Angkor Howard Hotel in 2006 for that year’s Asian Mission Conference.  While I had been to the neighboring country of Thailand before this was my very first time in Cambodia.  From our first day to our last we were greeted and met with such hospitality and many smiles from the hotel staff.  From our time in the hotel and out in the city I have never met a culture of people who have been so nice, friendly, and smile as much as the people of Cambodia.


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