Tooth and & Light

No more tooth!
Showing his tooth 

Ronan’s long awaited top front tooth finally came out tonight.  He looks forward to the Tooth Fairy. 

Waiting for Ronan’s front tooth to fall out. 
After his tooth was coerced out by @ryana_official. My 7 year old is excited out the tooth fairy’s arrival.
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‘Playing with light.’ Used a mirror as a reflector with the natural lighting from the window.
 #light #lighting
‘Light’ part II. Another one with the aid of reflecting light from the window with a mirror.
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‘Somewhere you stand': I still like to try my balance skills like a little kid.
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  • Roxy Murphy

    So did you find that the coconut oil helped his eye? And did it cause any discomfort to him? I’ve been looking at all the benefits of coconut oil. I started using it in my hair and on my skin when I moved from Hawaii to the desert in Texas. Great moisturizing properties…

  • Bonnie Rose

    Most definitely. Aside from his eye being sore and him not wanting us to touch his lid, the oil did not cause any discomfort. Especially not when you compare it to the drops. I would have to hold my kids down to get eye drops in their eyes last year when they got pink eye. It was horrible. But yes, the coconut oil is our miracle cream. We use it on burns and skin irritations too. As well as its in a lot of our cooking and Ryan puts in our drinks when he makes them. I think having it in our food regularly could have helped in the prevention too for the pink eye not being as bad as it could have been.

    I also of course use it on my skin and hair, and have started using it as a before makeup prep. Today I used it as an egg substitute when not having any eggs left for making brownies.

    My boss posted on the work site about not using any oils, and included coconut oil in it, on the hair if you are going out in the sun. Stating that oils can cause your hair to fry and cause damage. But I’m starting to research if coconut oil should not be included in that list for its different properties.