Self Portraits from 2012 Pt. I

I have not shared my self portraits on this blog before and would like to commence doing so this year.  I will start with sharing the first thirteen of my favourite self portraits from 2012.

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‘In Your Eyes’ Self Portrait

Wanted to show how a person would look in the eyes of someone who all they can see is the other person. I created distortion and blurs in camera using a wine glass positioned in front of the lens. I took this self portrait with aid of a tripod.


Self-Portrait by Bonnie Rose
for 2012 Self-Portrait Competition for the theme: Flying. I used trick photography by putting together two images, exactly the same though one contained a chair. Wanted to express the height that music can take us when we give into the music and/or lyrics and put our worries and worldy stresses aside. 

Bridal Self Portrait

Taken at my home studio.

Gotta Move

For the Self Portrait challenge 2012, theme: ‘You Gotta Move’. I really want to do more and push myself more, but sometimes its a little scary to just let go and be free creatively. I tried to express that in this image. The force, depicted by my hair being blown up and the feathers of my skirt being blown about. The not wanting to let go and to hold onto old perceptions that I cannot go further or push myself more. The birds being that ideal of being free and following off in the direction of breeze.

Aint no Sunshine Image for Self Portrait 2012 challenge for ‘Aint No Sunshine’. I took two images the same day. The first is from inside a castle I visited. When I got home I took a shot of me in the dark with just the light of three candles. Two below and one to the side (that is still in the image). I put the two images together for this composite.

Orange Crate for Self Portrait 2012 challenge.

Black or White

For Self Portrait Challenge 2012 for the theme Black or White. Chose to play with shadows to see the toying of the choice of the darkness (black) or the light (white) and the shadows (Grey) in between.

Have you Seen the Rain

For Self Portrait Challenge for theme have you seen the rain shot with a 50mm. Bonnie Rose Photography @ 2012

Bonnie Rose Photography

‘Out of Time’. I took this spontaneously while walking through Pompeii. I wanted to show the movement of time passing too quickly with me in many places at once amongst the left over remains of a fallen city. Time is always passing and we often talk about how quickly it just slips out of our reach. We can wish that time would slow down or we cold go back in time, but we are always moving and racing forward till the end of our life.

Holding back to memories.

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved


Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved

‘Washed up and Broken’ Self Portrait Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved

Self Portrait taken at the Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights from the boardwalk looking down on the beach.

Far, far, away.

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved
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* All photographs belong to Bonnie Rose and cannot be used without written consent. 
  • The Gernand Family

    I would love to hear more about how you gained photography experience, especially regarding the modeling work you did in Hawaii. I would also love to hear more about your process. Do you do a lot in post processing? What are you shooting with now?

    Hope this is okay, but I’ve always been a big fan of your work. :) xx

    • Bonnie Rose

      Thank you for your comment Keri. I will address your questions in my future photography blog posts. I have been asked by others this, and I would love to share the process.

      Keri thanks also for taking the comment to check out the blog, I hope you will keep coming back. :)


  • -Haylie :)

    These are all so amazing!!! You’re so talented!!

    • Bonnie Rose

      Thank you Haylie for your sweet compliment. I am glad you enjoyed them. I will be posting more this week.

      xx B.

  • Julia simple

    Photos are so magical! wow!!!!!! love them, my fav is number 3!

    • Bonnie Rose

      Thank you Julia. That third one was a lot of fun to do. My husband collects old records and they kept staring at me until I finally decided to use them for a shoot.


  • Hanna

    Wow. These are stunning!!! You are very, very talented my friend!!! Absolutely loved this post) xoxoxo Hanna

    • Bonnie Rose

      Aww, thank you Hanna. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for commenting. xx B.