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Photography: Camera vs. Knowledge


My passion is photography. It is the reason I cannot be too far away from a camera.  My kids are growing up knowing how to pose for ‘mummy’ and are learning how to use a camera themselves.  My favourite thing about photography is how it is not limited to just one kind of person or even one kind of photographer. While I love to shoot travel photography, people, and self portraits you may like to photograph animals and pets. Perhaps you like to capture the little details around in life or maybe you are fascinated by black and white photos. When it comes to photography, the world is your oyster. Be inspired. Pick up your camera and shoot what you love to photograph.

Every week I get emails, comments on the blog, and messages across different social media platforms about camera equipment.  The most asked questions revolve around what camera I shoot with, what camera I suggest they get, or to give my opinion on which camera brand is better: Canon or Nikon.

I get it. Years ago when I was ready to get my first DSLR and I felt I had to get a Canon camera. Why? Due to the fact my favourite photographer used a Canon and since I was interested in fashion photography at the time I found most of the photographers I followed all shot with a Canon. My husband on the other hand was sold on getting a Nikon because he believes they have better quality glass (aka lenses) and we ended up getting a Nikon DSLR. I remember being sad at first that I lost the Canon vs. Nikon battle, but in the end that was ludicrous. Any bad photos I took when I first go that camera was not because it was a certain brand, it was because I was not an expert with using my camera yet.  I shot mostly in auto modes (this means aperture priority and shutter priority too) and was still getting photos that were blurry or with the incorrect exposure. Not to mention all the other facets of photography that I was not fully utilizing like composition, telling a story, and creating interest.

What Camera You Have vs. Lenses & Knowing How to Shoot in Manual 
Honestly it does not matter what camera you have or what camera brand family you use. Yes there will be differences between cameras. Comparing two different Nikon cameras that I have owned one could shoot with an ISO up to 1600 while another up to 3200, meaning the second shot better in low light situations. However, I have also taken photos with both cameras and have had people choose incorrectly which camera shot which photo. Take a look again at the photo I posted of my sons.


The blurred background behind them was not created in photoshop. This was shot in manual on a sunny day in open shade.  I wanted to create a shallow depth of field, meaning my subjects would be sharp in focus while the backdrop is blurry.  This is great for portraits because it draws your eyes to where your focus is in the frame.  I could have equally shot this with a different lens that does not have as wide an aperture at 1.4 and it would have come out differently. Or I could have used the same lens and on my camera changed the aperture so that everything in the frame was in focus.  I could have also had my kids step out of the shade and have the direct sunlight blind them in the eyes and cause harsh shadows on their face.  Take it a step further and I could have not got in close to them so that the sky would also be in the photo and rely on my camera to expose the photograph for their faces in the shade, making the sky overexposed, void of detail, and bright white. Of course in manual I could now compensate the exposure so that I have better exposed skies while still being able to have my boys nicely in the shot. You could basically have a line of photographers all shooting with the same camera but different lenses among them shooting at different settings (in regards to aperture, shutter speed, and iso) and have a different photo from each photographer. That is what inspires me as a photographer knowing how much control I have in manual as well as how much creative control I have to get to my end result.

With that said you do not need a fancy DSLR to take great photos. You can do it with a simple point and shoot with manual capabilities.  You own the technology and I encourage you all to push yourself this coming year to learn more about what you are capable of with your camera.

Need more help? Wondering why your photos are not exposed correctly?  Wondering how to get sharper clearer images?  Wondering what all the buttons on your camera do?  Then I suggest B. In Focus, which teaches to to shoot in manual while building you up as a photographer with your creative vision.


B. In Focus | An intro to photography course that teaches you to shoot in manual. Also great for intermediates who need a refresher on how to get their camera to do what they want it to. We cover white balance, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lighting techniques, composition, and creative elements of creating a photograph.

B. Retouched | A post processing class in photoshop for retouching people and faces.  We cover different ways to retouch people of different ages, quick fixes, and even how to apply make-up in photoshop.  If you are a beginner with photoshop, do not fear as we cover everything you will need to know to complete this course.

B. Processed | Geared towards the beginners in photoshop for photographers and bloggers. Learn what to do with your photos out of the camera to make them web ready.  From saving, archiving, organizing, and protecting your images to cropping, resizing, layers, and other elements in photoshop to make it a fun and simple process!

B. In the Frame | Love photography but want to learn more about your camera and push yourself further?  Self portraits are a great way to gain experience and learn new techniques.  With this course we cover creative self portraits which begin before you even pick up your camera, during the shooting process, and afterwards in post processing. If you are ready to embrace the creative side of yourself and create art this is the class for you!

B. Illuminated | Photography is all about light! B.Lux got it’s name from the measurement of light and in this course we go in-depth in lighting approaches and techniques. From shooting in natural light, in low light, and with additional light sources. I show you what you can do for a lot of money and what you can do for little to no additional cost.  We work both inside and out on location and you can learn all from the comfort of an online class and working on your own time. Get ready to embrace light and take your photography to the next level.


B.LUX Alumni | What they are saying about their course:
“Having bought a new DSLR and knowing little about using manual, I decided to try Bonnie Rose’s B.Lux photography course, B. in Focus.  After seeing Bonnie’s photography on her blog and having conversations with her, I knew I wanted to learn more from her.  I now have the basic concepts of using my camera in manual and I no longer need to bring a back up point and shoot on my travels.  Bonnie is great and if you need a push to get yourself learning in manual then this course is for you!” – Brittany



 For more information and to register for classes: 

* Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reseved

8 Tips for Family Photos on a Trip

8 Tips for Family Photos on a Trip

For me when I think of the holidays the first thing that comes to mind is family.  Directly after that my mind wanders to locations across the globe.  Basically because my family is spread out and we have not all ever lived in the same place.  There will come a time in the near future where my side of the family will be split up on four different continents! Returning to a childhood home in the states every year for the holidays just does not fit our expat family.  When it comes to planning our upcoming holidays my family has decided we will start choosing destinations where we can all meet.


Now not only will we be wanting to focus on our travel photography on our holidays, we will want family portraits at the same time too.  For us we never know the next time we will all be together in the same location, let alone that destination.  Time is precious on holidays and when it comes to family photos quality wins over quantity.  Take 600 photographs of your travels with family member scattered in the mix but do not get one great group shot of everyone and the opportunity is gone. How do you plan family photos when there is already so much going on with the holiday and travel plans?

Family Photos Wales

How to take Family Photos on your Travels

1. Communicate with your Group | Once everyone knows where you are going for your holidays it is time to start talking about the photographs.  My family knows that when I leave the house I will have a camera on me.  However, I cannot pretend that everyone is a mind reader and will know that I want to get family photos.  Some people will need reminding, others coaxing, and some will want fair warning so they can be feel amply prepared.

2. Prepare Before Leave | Any task will be pulled off more efficiently with before thought and preparation. Think about the location you are traveling to and how far your family will be traveling from.  It is best to not to ask your family to bring a lot of extra clothes or props just for a family photo.  With the right preparation and communication you can still pull off a rather stylized family shoot.

3. Stylize your Shoot | Think of a colour scheme that will work well with your group and let everyone know in advance.  However do not then leave it up to chance.  You either risk having everyone wear the same outfit or having one person looking out of place because perhaps they did not have dark trousers and wore light blue jeans instead.  The key is coordination and simplicity. For balance check ahead of time what everyone has and what they are thinking of wearing. The best way I have found this to work for my family is to think of a basic colour palette that you know people will have and then build on it with a little bit of colour.  Have different members of the group ‘pop’ that colour into their wardrobe in different ways.  If your ‘pop’ colour is green you may see it introduced in different items of clothing on each person and even in accessories like hats, hair pieces, jewelry, ties, scarves, and shoes.

4. Posing | Once you know what people are wearing you can work with colour balance and family relations to decide who will stand where in the photo.  Before hand look at family poses online that you like and bring it with you on your mobile device or printed out for reference.  You can try different poses but go with your favourite pose first. This will be beneficial if you are working with children (or adults) with short attention spans or a dislike for having their photo taken.

5. Be Efficient | If there will be children, older family members, people with special needs, or pets in the photograph, let them relax until you are read to start snapping away.  Let the other family members work with you to set up the group shot first.  Once you are ready to add everyone in then get ready to smile and aim to get ‘the shot’ there in the beginning.

6. Timing | It really is everything.  Think about the time of day you are shooting and how it will affect lighting and shadows.  Also take in account how the time of the photo will affect the members posing.  As my family photos involve children I like to take photos when they are not hungry, not tired, and before something that they can look forward to after the photos are finished.  My favourite time of day is the golden hour after the sun comes up. Others also like to shoot during the golden hour in the evening during the last light of the day.

7. Take the Shot | Whether you are having someone else take the photos or  you are using your camera’s timer or a remote, remember you are working with a group of people in one photo.  This means some people may be blinking or making a strange face in one shot, while looking great in another.  Start with having everyone feel comfortable and relaxed and then take a lot of photos to achieve a shot where everyone looks great.  The shorter the shoot the nicer it will be on those who feel uncomfortable or would rather be doing something else. Make sure to check the photos before you deem the shoot as ‘over’ to know you are satisfied with the results.

8. Have fun |  Once you have the shot you need then let your group have fun. Maybe break out some props to use or bring in elements from your trip to show off your holiday.  Let people mingle, be themselves, and pose with different people. This is a perfect time to get candids!

Family Photos in Wales

There you have 8 tips for family photos on a trip. Perfect for you to implement on your holidays this year!  I have other photography geared posts that you can check out including the How to Take your Family Portraits which you can read by clicking the image below.

howtotakeyourfamilyportraits_ACRblog (1)

If you would like to know more about photography, check out my B.Lux Online Photography courses at


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* Photography by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |

* Side by side vertical photos by Miriam Pinkston Photography © 2013

5 Steps to Improve your Photography


If you have been around this blog for a while you know that I have a hobby of taking self portraits.  While the proclaimed ‘selfie’ has been around since the days of Myspace, taking a simple self portrait is more of an art.  For me it began in last year with a new photography series I wanted to do revolving around one themed self portrait a week with my friends. Every week we had a theme based off a song title or lyrics and we each brought what that meant to us in a self portrait.  Challenges like this can be fun and a great way to keep you accountable as you learn more about your art and craft.  I really push people to start taking self portraits when they want to get better at photography because it can help you grow both technically and creatively.

f r o m   B o n n i e   o f   A   C o m p a s s   R o s e

1. Start taking Self Portraits. You never need to find a model or tell someone else how to pose. Forget about needing a tripod or a remote.  I take most of my self portraits without either of these items.  All you need is a sturdy surface and the self timer on your camera.

2. Take One Photo Every Day. There are many challenges out there to keep you occupied with your camera every day.  There are even social media groups that participate these types, including on Instagram.  Perhaps you do not want to be tied down to a specific or limited theme.  Just keep your camera available and shoot what sparks your fancy.

3. Do not Delete. Just because some of your photos did not turn out right, do not rush to delete them off your camera.  Learn from your mistakes.  The best way to figure out how to improve your photography is to study the photos where you did not achieve what you wanted with those where your photo turned out perfectly.  Learning to trouble shoot can take you to the next level as a photographer.

4. Be Inspired. Find ways to inspire your photography.  Look at elements within a photograph and go from there. Perhaps focus on locations. Where can you take a photograph and what mood would it set?  Start being observant to the world around you and find things in your part of the world that make you enjoy photography.  When you love what you do, it shows through your work.

5. Take a Class. Love photography and want to improve?  I offer B.Lux Photography courses and in December I am introducing two new classes, with more to come in 2014.  No matter where in the world you live, if you have have the willingness to learn you can take these online courses.

BLUXB. In Focus | An beginner’s course or a refresher for intermediate photographers who want to take back the control from their camera and learn how to shoot in manual.  We discuss both the technical and the creative aspect of photography as we get to know your camera.  Tired of getting fuzzy or outof focus photographs?  Not sure why the colours never look right? Having a hard time with lighting and want to know how to work with many different types of lighting situations?  Do you want to take better photographs?  You have the technology in your hands and you have the creative mind! Now put it together with this course and really push yourself as a photographer.  This four week course includes a bonus teacher free week with a final project at the end of the course.

B. Retouched | Do you like to photograph people and take portraits?  Not sure what to do with the photos in post processing? In this four week course we learn how to use photoshop specifically for the need of retouching people and faces in your photography.  Learn how bring out their natural beauty and how the steps differ depending on the person’s age.  From spot retouching, to smoothing skin, and even how to apply make up!  The final project in this course will teach you how to take your black and white photo and bring it back to colour with the retouching affects in photoshop.

B. Transformed | An introductory class to photoshop for photographers and bloggers.  Whether you are diving into photoshop for the first time as a photographer or are wanting to take your photos to the next level on your blog.  We get started with learning the basics to help get away from feeling overwhelmed and start getting creative. In this online course you get on screen videos of how to work in photoshop. From working with layers, filters, brushes, and simple retouch & healing tools.  We then look at how you can protect your work, make it web ready, organize and archive your photographs. Help photoshop work with you.







M A K E   F R I E N D S   &   F O L L O W   L O U I S A!
*photography belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved | 


B.Lux Photography Courses | Register for B. In Focus

I am pleased to announce that the premiere course for B.Lux photography courses is now open for registration!  
As of now there are six other courses in the works to be added to the B. Lux family at Bonnie Rose Photography. 
The photography 101 course, B. In Focus, will begin on the 21st of October, 2013.  

Introducing B. In Focus, the premiere course by Bonnie Rose Photography

B. IN FOCUS: What is in a name? As photographers we want to capture with our cameras what we see with our eyes. The goal for this course is to make shooting in manual not intimidating or overwhelming. B. In Focus teaches you how to take control of your equipment and your creative eye to produce work that keeps inspiring you to carry on!

Course Details: This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to get their camera to do what they want it to in manual. Whether you shoot with a SLR or a Point & Shoot, if your camera has manual settings you can take this course.

This course is for beginners to intermediates who either:
  • shoot only in automatic 
  • have no clue what they are doing in manual 
  • rely on ‘training wheels’ like Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes 
  • want more confidence with a refresher in manual settings
In this course we look at both the technical side of using your camera and the creative side of being a photographer. 
Two aspects that put together will improve your photography skills.

Your Online Class Includes:

  • Four weeks of online lessons on
  • Log-in details that will be emailed on the Sunday before your course begins. 
  • Lessons begin every Monday which include text, images, and video. 
  • Assignments which are given on Monday and due every Sunday. 
  • Mentoring with Bonnie Rose through out the fours weeks. 

B.Lux | Mentoring:
Beyond a course of online information, B. Lux photography courses include a mentoring program with your instructor, Bonnie Rose, through out the four weeks. Get the ‘in person’ feel of a live workshop in the convenience of taking the course on your own time where ever in the world you live. Mentoring includes: 

  • Email correspondence 
  • Feedback on assignments 
  • Weekly image critiques 
  • Submit questions for answering


  • Making the switch from auto to manual 
  • Four steps to shooting in manual 
  • White balance and colour control 
  • Aperture, depth of field, background blur and bokeh 
  • ISO and controlling grain 
  • Shutter Speed 
  • Metering Modes 
  • Working with different types of lighting 
  • Working with shadows and finding your light 
  • Reading your camera’s histogram 
  • Composition 
  • 10 Ways to Create Interest in a photograph 
  • Unleashing your creativity 


If that was not enough on top of the four week instruction you get an extra week for catching up and review. There is no assignment in this week although a final project for the course is due at the end of this period. 

  • A bonus week to review. 
  • Final project with submission into the B.Lux Alumni album. 
  • Membership to join the B.Lux private Facebook group. 
  • Optional B.Lux Instagram hashtag project

GEAR NEEDED Students will need to have a digital camera for this course, which can be a SLR or a point and shoot with manual capability. No specific lenses are required for this course. Access to a computer with internet will be needed to do your lessons and complete your assignments.

COURSE COST  Originally £65.00   £55.25 per person / if purchased before 3rd of November, 2013
* Offering everyone a special introductory rate for the course if you purchase before the 3rd of November. B. In Focus will be starting on the 21st of October and the 4th of November. Lock in this special price for either two course dates!

CANCELLATION POLICY A full refund is available if the cancelation is made 36 hours before the beginning of the course. Cancellations within 36 hours to the beginning of the course will be issued a credit for a future course. No refunds or credits will be issued once a course begins. If the B.Lux course is cancelled by Bonnie Rose for any reason, full payment will be returned.

COURSE START DATES The B. In Focus course begins twice a month for new students on the first and third Mondays. There are five dates for B. In Focus for the rest of 2013.
2013: 21 Oct | 4 Nov | 18 Nov | 2 Dec | 16 Dec



*B.Lux are photographic services offered by Bonnie Rose Photography |

My (Expat) Love Story in Wales

Earlier this week I posted My Family Portraits in Wales that were taken this summer for our 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal, by my friend Miriam. You can see the ones I took of her family at Travel: Cymer Abbey Family Portraits.  I decided to save the sweet romantic ones she took of just Ryan and I for today.  Think of these as a sweet teaser for the official wedding photographs from our vow renewal. It has not been since Hawaii that we have had our photographs taken by anyone else and I really appreciated all the hard work my friend Miriam did for us.  Here is our expat love story in Wales:

* Photography © Miriam Pinkston Visual Artist, 2009-2013 All Rights reserved.

Photography: Hard Drives & Online Sharing

I took this photograph almost three years ago during a stint of living in Tucson, Arizona.  I was on my son’s field trip to the Botanical Gardens and shot this while we were waiting with our group.  To be honest I forgot about this photograph until this week when I was browsing through my hard drive on a photo search.   
It solidified the following facts:

  • I take so many photographs.
  • I take photographs of so many things.
  • I clearly like to document our life.
  • A small percentage of my photographs actually make it online (via blog or social networking)
  • A very large percentage of my photographs are forgotten on hard drives
The Problem
I take more photographs (for myself) that I do anything with after uploading.
The Bigger Problem
Just because we can back up our photographs in so many ways it does not mean something could happen to them. I still do not know if we are going to be able to recover digital photographs from the first few years of my eldest son’s life.  We had them backed up on cds, which were lost in a move.  We had them saved on an external drive…which we think is somewhere in a box but has yet to be seen. I’ve been putting of the hunt hoping that they really are somewhere.  Luckily I have a few things printed out. But I did not print out or make it through more than a few pages in a scrapbook I began. 
The Sad Truth
How many of us take digital photographs and only really share them online.  When was the last time your printed off photographs? When was the last time you had a print bigger than a 4×6 and put up on your wall. If you have ever had your photographs printed out and have held them in your hands you know what it is like to be able to hold it in your hand. There is nothing compared to the lack of connection a photograph has on a computer screen.  The digital age is amazing but are we just taking tons of photographs, perhaps sharing select ones online, and not enjoying them at home?
The Solution
Photo books.  I want to start making yearbooks for my family.  I am trying to figure out how to execute this mission.  Perhaps I’ll see how far back I can go with my kids and begin there. Maybe I’ll start with 2013 and as I finish book work my way backwards.
The Rewards
I can have tangible books that my family can enjoy and relive memories.  They will also make great christmas gifts for the end of the year.  It kind of takes the next step over Christmas newsletters.  
So this is my plan to address the family photos of my family and hope will be able to show off some finish products as I complete this goal. 
Q: After reading this let me know what your thoughts are in regard to your personal experiences with digital photography. I would love to hear your story! 

*Photography belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved | 

Big Announcement & B.Lux

Blogtember | Monday, September 16: Write a public love letter to someone in your life. (It doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic.)

Dear Friends,
Today I have some pretty big news but cannot begin to talk about it without saying thank you.  Thank you to so many of you who have been influential in my life and my journey in the last several years.  With out your inspiration, motivation, and encouragement I would not be on this new path that I embark.  It is with my whole heart that I write this public letter of gratitude and reflection.

Pictured with amazing supporters of my photography journey, most importantly my husband Ryan.
I have to start with my family.  Thank you to my parents for encouraging me in my creative endeavors.  For the number of cameras, rolls of film, and editing software you supplied me with while growing up at home.  Thank you to my dad, watching down from heaven, who got me my first really nice camera after the birth of my first son.  Thank you to my husband for encouraging my interests in photography and getting me my first DSLR that began it all. Thank you Ryan for letting me explore my passions.

To my expat & model friend Leigh who brought me back Penguin biscuits from England before we ever met and who I have photographed on many occasions in Hawaii and England. 
You have always been so amazing to my family and I am better for knowing you. 
Thank you to my fellow photography enthusiasts in the Hawaii military wives community.  As a self taught photographer I really appreciate all the guidance and for answering any questions I had when I first started using my DSLR.  Thank you to my good friends who let me practice and were models for me while I honed my skills with the camera.
Liisa and Melissa whose art I adore and friendship I cherish. I miss working with you both!
Thank you to my friends that I met in Hawaii who sparked my creativity passions in photography.  The painters, the illustrators, and artists who encouraged me to continue in my art.  Thank you to my models and my team of make up artists who brought to life my creative vision for my first ever photography exhibit.  It was the one photo shoot that began them all. Thank you to all the models, stylists, make up artists, and assistants that I worked with there after.  I could not have asked for a more amazing group of people to have worked with during my time in Hawaii. It was never work and you all became like family to me.  Thank you for taking confidence in me and encouraging me with each click of my camera.  Thank you to all the other photographers who treated me like their sister, teaching me and advising me in my work.  When it came to moving away from Hawaii at my last photography exhibit, I was blown away by the turnout and all the support. I may have left the island but a piece of my heart will always remain with you.

At the magazine launch for my first photos published!

Thank you to all those who were apart of my work being published in magazines, newspapers, and online publications in both my photography and my work as a hairstylist & make up artist. Thank you for your belief in me.  It has been an honour to be a part of something so much bigger than me.  Thank you also to all those who I look up to as mentors who have taken time to correspond with me in person and online.  It really has meant so much to be able to have such creative and motivated people in my field who find success doing what they love. The fact that you have taken time to encourage me in my passions still means so much to me today.

Thank you Hudson for being my cheerleader and friend and hooking a girl up when I needed help. 
Thank you to all all those I worked with in the fashion world.  From the runways of Oahu, to Tucson Fashion week on the mainland, and Bristol Fashion week here in the UK.  I have really enjoyed being able to be apart of the fashion community.  Thank you for the encouragement of all the fashion bloggers here in the UK and for welcoming me as I left the US.  Thank you to all my readers here on A Compass Rose.  You live all over the world and make me feel so connected and included in this blogosphere.  Thank you for all your support, your love, encouragement and kind words on my photography and posts.  I started blogging every day to give myself consistency in a nomadic life but I found out I return every day because of you.  You are so welcoming and so loving that it is hard to fathom that there is a form of distance by miles between us.  Thank you for following along on my journey as a photographer living the ex-pat life.

To the fashion & photography community in Hawaii you will always be my Ohana!
Faithfully Yours,
Bonnie Rose 
(pictured above in black and the long blonde wig)

Linking up with Jenni’s Blogtember challenge


It is with much excitement I announce some really big news.  I began Bonnie Rose Photography in the winter of 2007 and have been blessed with many great opportunities since that time.  This Autumn I embark on a new path with BRP and look forward to being able to give back to the photography world that has continued to inspire and motivate.

B.Lux Photography Courses

What’s in a Name?
Exposure is the amount of light allowed in when taking a photograph and is measured in lux, a unit of illuminance. I thought it only fitting to use this term as I shed light on subjects within the online BRP photography courses.

The first course of B.Lux to set to begin in October.  Soon after and throughout 2014  it will be joined by a number of other courses already in the planning stages.  The first course is entitled B.In Focus and the other courses have similar names with photography terms.

B. In Focus
In this course you will learn how to switch from automatic settings in your camera and to rely on your new knowledge of manual. The course is geared towards beginners who have only shot in auto and intermediate photographers who want a refresher to gain more confidence and skill in using manual settings.  To take the course you need a camera that can shoot in manual settings, be it a point & shoot camera or a DSLR.

It is a four week course, with freedom to go at your own pace throughout. It is structured into four week segments that include a lesson, an assignment, and quiz at the end of each section. Lessons will include text, images, videos, and mashups with 60% of the course being taught in video lectures.

You should take this course if you do not feel comfortable relying on manual when wanting to get the shot you want, or often switch back to auto when using your camera. By taking this course you will build the foundation to get your camera to do what you want it to do in manual. Though not required, this course is a recommended prerequisite for the next six photography courses that will be included in the B.Lux series.

Ready to take part in B.Lux?
Thank you for reading about the official announcement!  I know you will probably have many questions.  Do not worry much more is to come in the next two weeks.  Stay tuned for more information about B.Lux photography courses from Bonnie Rose Photography.  More information on how to  register, price, and number of openings available will be announced soon.  To make sure you do not miss out you can follow along on Bloglovin’, Facebook, and Twitter for special announcements and future updates.

Q: Are you ready for B.Lux?

*Bonnie Rose Photography @ 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |