Meet Lorna from Raindrops of Sapphire

I had stated I would post my show photos today 
but have been a little delayed with taking care of my family.  

Side note: 
Onions are an amazing home remedy 
if your little one gets an ear ache. 
Who knew? 

So for my post today I want to introduce you to a lovely fashion blogger 
by the name of Lorna, of Raindrops of Sapphire
Lorna is very sweet and has beautiful ombre hair, which as a hairstylist I love. 
Plus she has, from what I see from her blog, to be an amazing wardrobe. 
Do you remember this photo below from what I posted on Friday?
This is Lorna on the far right. On her left is Tara, Laura, Fritha,  and Me.
If you are either of the two gorgeous bloggers on the far left let me know.
“This was my third time at BFW and it was definitely my favourite! 
They just keep getting better and better each year 
and Mark and Andrew are the perfect hosts!”

– Lorna Raindrops of Sapphire (pictured with Tara of The Style Rawr)

Lorna has done several lovely pieces on her blog that are all geared around Denim 
(‘Jeans’ if you’re a reader from the USA)
Since I sound like I come from the land where people wear a lot of denim 
I really appreciated these posts. 

Thank you Lorna and make sure to check her blog tomorrow for a bit about me. 
Plus she posts some awesome fashion pieces. 

Have a great end to your weekend!
  • RaindropsofSapphire

    Thank you for including me on this one! I like the graphic you made!

  • Tammy Jorrak Cagle

    omg so in love with her outfit! Also thanks for the advice on earaches. With the icy cold wind here im always getting them :(