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Bristol Fashion Week – Spring Season 2013

I was very honoured to be chosen by British Style Bloggers for the ‘Day in the life of a catwalk reporter’ competition.  This was my first fashion show to attend here in England.  The last fashion show I attended was Tucson’s Fashion week in the US  and covered fashion shows in Hawaii while I was living on the island as a fashion photographer.  I really enjoyed being able to compare my experiences with Bristol Fashion week while getting to meet the other fashion bloggers.  Since I have relocated to England I have noticed the differences between street fashion of women in England compared to what I have seen in America.  Women wear a lot more denim and jeans in America where as here everyone appears to have a signature style.  Be it a good or bad, it is their style.  It is hard not to be inspired when among the other fashion bloggers at BFW with their personal style choices.  I love how women in England take more chances with fashion and really grab from what is current on the runways of London, Paris, and New York.   I left with not only new friendships but with new ideas about what to wear for the current spring season from what I saw on the catwalk and on my fellow bloggers.

I loved seeing how they transferred looks from the runways to the high street as they showcased looks from stores within the mall at Cribbs Causeway.  The show began with the James Bond theme and men looking dashing in monochromatic suits.  I was instantly hooked as I photographed from a prime location at the end of the catwalk.  For Men’s wear my favourite looks were from Austin Reed and River Island. There were a lot of prints from monochrome to colour, but my favourite were the  french inspired prints from Marks and Spencer.  Between those dresses and the retro swimwear from Fat Face I have been motivated further to go on vacation in style.  The children models truly stole the show with their dancing down the catwalk in Next and Gap Kids.  They were all looks that were perfect for those of us who shop the high street to implement for our own personal style for 2013.  

I leave you with one question.  
What will you be wearing this Spring and Summer?

They began with James Bond music, dancers and men in black tie.
Fashions from Dorothy Perkins with menswear from River Island
Tap dancers outfits from River Island
Selected accessories from Accessorize
Footwear from Soletrader
Designer sunglasses from Vision Express

Fashions from John Lewis

Fashions from Marks and Spencer

Fashions from Fat Face
Children’s fashion from Next Children

Fashions from CC Viyella with menswear from Austin Reed
Children’s fashion from Next Children
Footwear from Jones Bootmaker

Fashions from Timberland

Fashions and Technology items from John Lewis
Hair styled by Tomlinson Hairdressing

Fashions from Wallis and menswear from Next
Selected accessories from Accessorize
Footwear from Dune

Fashions from Marks & Spencer
Designer sunglasses from Sunglass Hut

Lingerie from  Ann Summers
Flamenco dancers’ fashions from Phase Eight and Next
Footwear from Dune

Fashions from River Island
Children’s fashions from Gap Kids

Fashions from various retailers at the Mall at Cribbs Causeway

(…is this kid not the cutest? I may be biased as a mum, but I thought his dance moves stole the show)
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Meet Lorna from Raindrops of Sapphire

I had stated I would post my show photos today 
but have been a little delayed with taking care of my family.  

Side note: 
Onions are an amazing home remedy 
if your little one gets an ear ache. 
Who knew? 

So for my post today I want to introduce you to a lovely fashion blogger 
by the name of Lorna, of Raindrops of Sapphire
Lorna is very sweet and has beautiful ombre hair, which as a hairstylist I love. 
Plus she has, from what I see from her blog, to be an amazing wardrobe. 
Do you remember this photo below from what I posted on Friday?
This is Lorna on the far right. On her left is Tara, Laura, Fritha,  and Me.
If you are either of the two gorgeous bloggers on the far left let me know.
“This was my third time at BFW and it was definitely my favourite! 
They just keep getting better and better each year 
and Mark and Andrew are the perfect hosts!”

– Lorna Raindrops of Sapphire (pictured with Tara of The Style Rawr)

Lorna has done several lovely pieces on her blog that are all geared around Denim 
(‘Jeans’ if you’re a reader from the USA)
Since I sound like I come from the land where people wear a lot of denim 
I really appreciated these posts. 

Thank you Lorna and make sure to check her blog tomorrow for a bit about me. 
Plus she posts some awesome fashion pieces. 

Have a great end to your weekend!

Bristol Fashion Week Live Blogging Event

I met a lot of other cool bloggers today.
With the other Fashion Bloggers at BFW Blog Event today.
Sneek preview of the event before it begins.
Reception beforehand with cupcakes and drinks.
Spring is about a lot of colours and patterns!
The audience was filled with VIP ticket holders and fashion bloggers who were blogging live!
The main tent for Bristol Fashion Week
Monochromatic is big this season!
Hense my outfit choice.  I had my cameras ready to go for the event!
The Live Blogging Event was so much fun and filled with a lot of energy from the models and the hosts.
So here I am before I left for the Fashion Event. I took time to curl my hair and it decided to rain really hard outside.
Here I am afterwards…can you tell how much fun I had?  If you cannot, do not fret.  I will be blogging tomorrow all about it!
Expect a lot of photos adn I will be writing an article for the Bristish Style Bloggers too!  Hope you enjoyed the live tweets and the first photos from my phone.  Just wait until you see all the great fashions for Spring 2013!
*photographs belong to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved |