My favourite Hairspray: White Sand’s Liquid Texture

Both in the salon and outside the salon I get asked frequently about what products are good on the hair, how to get the results desired, and how to achieve the same ‘in the salon’ look with ease at home. In my mind it is not about selling products to clients but fulfilling a trust set that if I recommend something  that it lives up to my words. In the last ten years that I have been in the business of Hair, I have worked with and used a lot of different brands and hair companies.  There have been many different products that are quite similar and go off of personal preference and taste.  Though there are others that stand out for me one of kind that often get referenced in conversation about hair.  One such product I have seen used on the stages of hair exhibits at trade shows to clients in the salon.  Liquid Texture by White Sands has ‘raised the bar for hair spray because it can be combed through and has incredible memory to provide long-lasting designs without regard to humidity’.  What I love about this product is you get the shine and the softness desired, but with a really great lasting hold you require.  It works off heat to set in the style, and is what activates the shine. But the product does not stop there.  It has been a long time favourite product on location with models because I can push their hair across creative bounds for the look needed, and comb out the look after we are done.  For a product to have such hold and be brushed out with out flakiness is not something I see all that often in the product world. Which makes it a great working hair spray for brides.  Rock the updo or hair up style and then have the flexibility for a change of styles for the reception and ‘let your hair down’. I will use a setting spray afterwards on shoots when we are dealing with wind and the elements, but for normal circumstances you are all set to go with just the working hair spray, Liquid Texture. Besides it smells great and thats just the icing on the cake.
Taylor Beck, Tammy Cagle
Behind the scene photographs above via: Bonnie Rose:
Two photos from the shoot by photographer BJ Formento:
Product image from White Sands: