The Roman Baths (Bath, England)

This weekend our walk led us not into the English countryside but into our town of Bath, England. This is the home of the historic Roman Baths and location of a natural hot springs.  The history stems before the Romans built their temple in 60-70 AD to the Celtics who built a shrine here dedicated to the goddess Sulis, and whom the Romans identified with as Minerva.  I had come here a very young girl, drank the water, and I do not remember a moment of that occasion  Needless to say it was a wonderful place to re-experience with my family as they came here for the very first time.

As residents of Bath we were able to cut the lines of tourists and apply for our Discover card, which got us into the Roman Baths free of charge. The electronic handheld tour guides are complimentary and come with a variety of tours which you can follow at your leisure.  With two sons who would gladly play their Nintendo DS all day, this was a huge hit with them both.  We ended up spending three hours touring the sights and we could easily come back to see and hear more at another time.

I definitely recommend coming to Bath, England not only for the lush and beautiful views of the country but for the historic sites in town like the Roman Baths.  You can also check out the Jane Austen Museum.  We have not been yet but plan to go especially during this year of anniversary.  After viewing the Baths you can kick your feet up and relax at the modern day thermal spa and enjoy the natural hot springs as the Romans had many years before.

Visiting the Roman Baths in Bath, England.
The Bath Abbey overlooks the Roman Baths.
With my husband, +Ryan Aherin, at the Roman Baths. 
Loved the image of love in photo on the left and the details as shown on the right. 
Only the ducks are allowed to bathe in the steamy warm waters  today.
For a girl who grew up in Italy, I love the Roman aspects of Bath, England.
Visiting the historic sight with my bella familia. 
Details of old and details of new were visions we saw today in Bath, England.
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Here are the highlights I shared from over the weekend. 

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    You know, I’ve heard of Bath of course, but I never thought about how it got its name! What a nice history lesson!!! :) And enjoyed the photos!!! :) They’re kind of haunting, in a good way!