The Best Weekend so Far

This has been the best weekend so far.  I start this post off with quite lofty expectations of what my family and I did these past two days.  To be fair we really have not done that much.  We did leave the house yesterday on our weekly country walk.  It was not the most amazing country walk that we have gone on since we moved here at the end of December.  There were no celebrity sightings nor did we go  visit any museums.  I could list off and ramble a good amount of other things that could give reason to why this weekend could have been amazing.  I do not need too.  This has been the best weekend so far for the pure reason that we were together and we enjoyed every moment.  Life has made it apparent to me in recent years of how short it can be.  I have also seen how miserable life can be when you cannot share the preciousness with those you love.  How you can not get back the time once it has past.  
This was the best weekend so far because we lived the moment.  We enjoyed our country walk and relished over how much we love being outside.  We saw a couple of young deer and two wild pheasants.  We got to travel through a part of the countryside we have yet to explore.  My kids accustomed to our long walks did not complain once this weekend the entire time we were outside and were able to keep up.  We had an amazingly warm day where no jackets were needed and we wished we were all wearing a summer wardrobe.  Back at home we enjoyed watching the Arsenal football game together cuddled on the couch.  Afterwards we realized it was much warmer outside than it was in our home.  Ryan got the lawn chairs out and we sat outside drinking wine and talking as a family.  The best part was counting ten different hot air balloons and a hangglider up in the sky from our back garden.  
It is only midday of Sunday and our weekend continues.  I look forward to soaking up every second of it. I hope you are all enjoying every precious moment with the ones that matter most in your life. 
Bonnie Rose

*Instagram photography by Bonnie Rose © 2013 All Rights Reserved

  • lost in travels

    if weekends are like that, can i come stay at your house?! that sounds like such an amazing and relaxing weekend : ) hope you enjoy the rest of it!

  • Rachel

    That sounds like a truly wonderful weekend!

  • bailey k.

    Bliss! I love days like this!

  • jackie jade

    sounds like a really lovely weekend. i just found your blog and i lived in london for a bit after college and i loved it. so i really enjoy hearing the stories of other ex-pats. i also noticed that you commented on allison’s blog (lawfully lost) about trying an adult ballet class sometime. i’ve actually been taking adult classes for years and i love it! i have a few posts on my blog about it, including the performance that my class did last week ( you should definitely try it out – it’s so worthwhile!
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  • Sara Louise

    Living in the moment is an excellent way to be on a weekend! :)