Concussions and first kisses.

Day 10, Friday of  the Challenge: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill. 
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I like to live by the rule that if I make someone laugh or smile with me, even if its at my expense, its better to deal with embarrassment that way. I was trying to come up with the most embarrassing stories of my lifetime but they either got lost in my memories or I have honestly blocked them out. All but one.  

I met Ryan my freshman year in the traveling theatre group we both auditioned for at our University. We were friends with crushes that fall semester and started dating the week before Valentines Day that Spring semester.  Sometime between February when we started dating and May when we parted ways for the summer we had our first kiss.  Neither of us have remembered exactly when it was but that there was a lot of hype leading up to the first kiss. Which leads me to our embarrasing story we share together.

We were parked outside of my freshman girls dormitory in his car after a date.  We both had to be in before curfew and we definitely waited until the last most possible moment to return back to our dorms on campus.  It is already a little awkward and embarrassing in the beginning of our dating period because he was my first (and only) boyfriend at University.  I had been anticipating the first kiss and getting more anxious about it every time one of my friends would ask me if it happened yet.  This was not a party school.  There was only one day a semester the opposite sex could visit the other dormitories and there were strict rules enforced.  Doors had to remain open, male guests could not use the restrooms in our dorm rooms, and ‘all feet must remain on the floor’.  The later rule I assume is to discourage make out sessions or heavier happening.  Anyways I explain all that to say that my friends held pizza parties after you had your first kiss with a guy.  Having not had any pizza parties yet and really wanting to kiss Ryan you can imagine my heart was racing inside his car.  He tried to be smooth and lean over to kiss me and I obviously did not get the mental memo and instead of having my lips meet his, our heads collided so hard it hurt.  So embarrassing. Needless to say that night was not our first kiss and no pizza party followed that evening.  I remember going inside and finding my RA upset that he would ‘never try to kiss me again’.  

Before we started dating we were put into this skit in our theatre group to perform at schools and churches called ‘Pick up lines’ which is where he would try to pick me up with really bad lines.  I had a catchy one liner at the end of it that tied it back to the faith and christianity.  That skit started the crushes began to have on each other.  Ironically it was a pick up line that he used out of humour in my expense right before our first actual kiss: 

“Lets try not to have a concussion this time.”

This my husband, Ryan, and I this year at the Roman Baths in Bath, England.  
We have been married for nine years (and change) and we have entered our 30’s.  
This is also Ryan and I, eleven years ago in University back in 2002. 
He was 20 and I was 19.  I find this photograph of us very embarrassing. 
To be fair  most of our photographs from my freshman and 
sophomore year of University are quite embarrassing.
Bad Hair: 
I thought it would be great to be blond. This is pre-beauty school and so I thought I could do it myself with box colour.  I ended up with a multifaceted orange-y mess. I also thought it would be liberating to cut my hair really short.  To add to the bad hair decision I sometimes wore my hair back in tiny ‘im a six year old’ pony tails. I honestly thing I should have realised my losses, shaved my head, gotten a wig, and started the growth process there. So see even your hairstylist can have bad hair decisions in their past. 😉
Bad Accessories: 

Its not that they were bad per se, but when added to everything else in this mix they did not really help the look. My accessories included not one but two WWJD bracelets worn together for sentimental reasons at the time.  We went to a private christian university so I was all about sporting my faith in my fashion choices back then.  The hemp jewelry Ryan made which as we were newly dating I found this so sweet and special.  
Bad Fashion: 
Not that I had a lot to choose from with living in a small town in the south in the US.  At my University students tended to wear jeans and a shirt normally and my school had very strict rules on wardrobe and modesty.  Which meant my previous adventurous European style became very stagnate and non existent. Really where is an H&M when you need one? 😉 
Freshman Fifteen:
It is easy to tell from the second photo above that Ryan and I both were carrying extra weight.  I think we both weighed more my freshman year and his sophomore year then we ever have in our entire lives.  I no longer had my mum’s good cooking or even a kitchen.  I relied on pizza delivery and food on campus. I didn’t actually realise how much weight we had carried until we began losing it the months that followed that photo being taken.  I spent an entire summer backpacking in Australia and he was working outside on the farm.  I was showing my suite mate a photo of my then fiance the school year to follow and did a double take on how heavy just Ryan had been the year before. I don’t know if it was bad that I had not realised he had lost so much weight or that I didn’t realise he was so chubby before.  Love is blind where eyes are concerned.  Anyways these photos always motivate us to eat well and keep and active, and to promote healthy lives for our children. 
So yes I find a lot of photographs from my first two years at 
Uni and during our engagement to be quite embarrassing.  
Q: Do you have photos that embarrass you from the past?

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  • hemborgwife

    It is a cute photo and like you said it is good to remember where you two came from!

  • k8te

    aw you guys are so cute!

  • The Nomad

    Your love story is so sweet! I love the pictures. I had a similar situation with my weight except I gained it the last two years of uni. When I lost it immediately after leaving school I was embarrass looking back at my old self. I never cared/noticed when I was heavier. I’m now a big time supporter of being in control of you body. Lesson learned! Thanks for sharing you story!

  • Amanda

    That would be so embarrassing! We had a similar rule about no feet on the floor at my college. No that that stopped some people….

  • Aleshea

    Ouch, that was rough. But it’s all good now I see.

  • Amy Roberson

    Hahaha, that is a cute story. I was all about those WWJD bracelets in college too. lol

  • lost in travels

    i love hearing people’s embarrassing dating stories! you guys are so cute and what a funny story to have to tell later on! i once got a bloody nose during a first kiss. one and only time that my nose bled like that! it was a sign for sure….

  • Jessica Lynn

    What?! You ended up marrying him?! That was an awesome story and I think it made it even better since I didn’t know your husband’s name at the beginning!

  • Laura Side Street

    isn’t it funny how we think we are really cool and trendy when we are young and actually we have no clue, I always think people look their best late twenties and into their thirties because by that point we have worked out what works, our own style and we are more confident as people. I love the story about your first kiss – so funny but a wonderful memory to pass on

    Lovely post :)

    Laura x

  • theunpoisonedapple

    What a great post; how funny! Thanks for sharing!