Dear Readers

Day 27, Monday: A Letter to Your Readers

I still havent gotten bored of the view from my backgarden. ¬†Hopefully you are not bored of seeing it yet either. ūüėȬ†

Dear Readers,

Our month of blogging every day is coming to a close with just four more prompts left to go. ¬†I have met a lot of new friends during the last few weeks and I have enjoyed the little vacation from my¬†regularly¬†scheduled posts on A Compass Rose. When June arrives I will be going back to my normal schedule. ¬†While blogging everyday can seem like a lot of work, the structure has helped me keep my blog active. ¬†I realize not everyone has the time to read blogs daily, and so I aim to set up the same genre of posts on certain days. ¬†If you really enjoy reading about ‘My Ex-pat Life’ in England then you will know when those posts are scheduled. ¬†If you are a daily reader you will know what to look forward to when you come to A Compass Rose. ¬†

We are all pretty much new friends at this point. Whether you have just found my blog today or have been following since February. I went from having only my mum read my blog in January to four months later and I have over 200 readers now through Bloglovin. I only realised this morning I had reached that blogger milestone and I am very thankful and blessed.  

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I wanted to say thank you to you all because you have made blogging, with the intent to share with other people, a very enjoyable experience. I cherish every single comment that appears on A Compass Rose. ¬†I enjoy being able to correspond back and forth through email from comments both on my blog and on the blogs I read. ¬†It has really turned my one sided conversation of a post into a open conversation between blogger friends. ¬†Thank you for taking the time to respond to the posts, they become the chocolate chips in my cookie of a life. ūüėȬ†

*If you do not get an email reply to your comment I am not ignoring you.   Message me and I can help diagnose the problem.

This blog started in 2005 under the name ‘Mummy Paparazi’ and has evolved since then to what you see today. ¬†I have put it aside during the harder times in life, and picked it back up during the better. ¬†Authenticity is one of my favourite words and being authentic to you, my readers, is my goal in each post. ¬†They say ‘a picture is worth thousand words’. ¬†I know sometimes photographs can be misleading by not telling the whole story. ¬†I want you to know that in this space of mine I want to be open with you. ¬†Feel free to ask questions and talk with me on twitter¬†@the_bonnierose¬† When you live in one place long enough you start taking the smaller things for granted. ¬†If there is something you would love to see me blog about from my expat life in England send me a message. If you just want someone to talk to then I am here for you too.¬†

Whever in the world you may live, and whatever timezone, thank you for being a part of this blogger journey with me.  I look forward to seeing where we go from here. 

I leave you with a few photos from my Instagram yesterday as we enjoyed the warm sunshine in merrily ol’ England and got a bit of colour from being outside most of the day. ¬†

Pancakes and Pims for brunch followed by family reading time outside.  
I finally finished Game of Thrones. 
When the sun comes out everyone in England acts like it is a miracle.  I could see and hear this football match from our house. 
I watched for a few minutes up closer when running to the shop for an ice cream treat to surprise my family. 
Between reading and the hot sun (wait how was it only 59F, it seriously felt like it was  90F) 
we got quite tired and ended up taking the sleeping bag outside to get in an afternoon family nap.  

It was a lovely weekend and I will be sharing what we did on Saturday soon. ¬†One more note on the weather: I know I have officially¬†assimilated¬†to life in England when 59F/15C feels like summer. ¬†At one point my boys went inside because they said it was ‘too hot’. ¬†It was definitely a rare sunny day in England where there were hardly no clouds in the sky and the just a slight breeze. ¬†Had there been wind, or enough clouds to cover the sun the temperature drops dramatically. In Hawaii I would not want to go to the beach if it was below the 80’s because it was ‘too cold’. ¬†I would wear a sweatshirt and have my arms crossed my chest in Hawaii where in England at the same temperature I am breaking out my bikini and tank tops. Weather really is relative to what you are used to and I think I am getting used to weather in England. ¬†However I have yet to learn how to dress for the weather here. ¬†I am usually wearing way too many layers because I do not like to be out and about and being too cold. What better point can I make about adjusting to life in England then writing a whole paragraph about the weather. ūüėČ

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Bonnie Rose aka B. 
Author of A Compass Rose


*photographs found here belong to Bonnie Rose of Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved | 
  • Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    I agree weather is so relative, on Saturday we went to boat races and everyone was in bathing suits and it was in the mid 60’s!

  • lost in travels

    i’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again, i love your blog and i LOVE your comments that you leave! i always look forward to hearing you and starting a mini convo. you’re one of the most sincere bloggers i know!

  • themovetoamerica

    It has been lovely weather here in Cornwall (although it as turned cold and rainy today – typical). I managed to get out and do some photography which I have put on my blog today which I love sharing with other bloggers. I too have found the blogging world a welcoming one and I am so pleased to have stumbled across your blog.


  • Anna P.

    I love reading your blogs, Bonnie, especially since I’m a fellow expat and TCK. Thanks for sharing your lovely life!

  • Susanne V.

    I am sooo glad I found your blog through the challenge. I really like reading your blogposts! Hope one day I can blog somewhat the way you do, we shall see.


  • Sara Louise

    And you’ve just got another bloglovin follower… ME!

  • Amanda

    I still haven’t read the 5th GOT book. But I’ve read the other ones. SO GOOD! Glad I found your blog through the linkup. I really like it! Keep it up!