Wedding: Bringing back Sleeves

As I look around for the prefect type of dress for my sister and friends to wear as my ‘bridesmaids’ for the vow renewal this August I cannot help but think about the curse of strapless dresses.  My dress and the bridesmaids dresses were all strapless.  My dress fortunately had been custom made and fitted so that it was snug tightly against my body.  However it was a common sight to see one of my bridesmaids yanking her dress up as the day went on.  There is also the issue of posture. I was wearing a full length corset which made it impossible to bed at the waist, but perfect for standing nice and tall.  Depending on what angle a photographer uses, how your posture is at the moment, and what you are doing with your arms can either make or break a wedding photo when wearing a strapless gown.  I really loved my dress and so far I am planning on taking it out of its perserved box to wear again this August. 
My Maid of Honour, my Bridesmaid, and my husband’s ‘Groomsmaid’ helping me button up my gown.

Then the Royal Wedding happened in 2011 and brides were finally seeing another option for what to wear on their big day.  There are many venues like the Westminster Abbey where a strapless gown is just not appropriate. As my mum commented below not every bride looks amazing in a strapless dress. Should you not have more options for looking the best you can be on that perfect day?  To which I answered with an agreeing laugh to the meme below.  
So I am brought back to the question of what to wear for my vow renewal.  I have my gown that I only got to wear for a few hours that was custom made and to which I still very much love.  However it is my Vow Renewal for 10 years of marriage.  I have been toying with the idea of updating it.  I have always loved Gwen Stefani since junior high school and her wedding dress with the ombre pink accent was beautiful.  I thought about replicating that with my dress until I realised it would lessen the chances of my own daughter (when I have one) wearing it for her big day.  The sash on my dress flows as long as the train and is currently the same shade of duchess satin as the rest of the gown. I pondered about maybe just dying the sash as an easy ‘update’.  However again I’m so nervous to do anything that could have the possibility of going wrong. So lets pull this back to the whole conversation of bringing back sleeves.  I was not a huge fan of lace ten years ago but now I honestly really love it.  So I’ve been looking at coverups to use with my dress that can essentially give me two different looks for photographs. 
Source: Justin Alexander
I could always just get some tulle and do something like the photo above.  However, my number one choice is the off the shoulder shirt/jacket type coverup.  I have seen ones I could wear under the dress and ones that go over the dress.  My only fear is making sure the shade of the lace matches perfectly with the shade of white of my gown.  I originally wore sleeveless gloves on my wedding day that I look at now and kinda cringe. I still love the gloves but the shades of white just do not mesh as well as I remember them doing back in 2003.
Source: Little Black Book featuring Tana Photography

Source: AlexBridal
My second choice is the lace bolero jacket that looks similar to what the Duchess wore above.  I love the look.  However I really like the more off the shoulder to the more conservative coverup.
Source: Pinterest
I am also really into anything bohemian and have seen a few capes that are beautiful.  I would never have thought to even look for a cape, but you can always have your opinion changed with the right piece of styling. 
Where does that leave me now?  Currently I have been looking at what I own now and what I can find in thrift stores to see if I can do a DIY piece to add a bit of ‘something old’ to our vow renewal. I have not yet found anything that works so keep your eye out for me.  I love ideas!
Bonnie Rose
  • Rachel

    I love your different ideas! I too like that not all wedding gowns are sleeveless. I didn’t wear a strapless wedding gown, because I also was worried about fit and was pretty sure I’d be uncomfortable and and I didn’t think it would look good on my body. I’ve never worn a strapless dress in my life and I wasn’t going to wear one for my wedding! 😛 I think your dress originally is lovely on you and I think any one of your ideas for updating it would work great!

  • Giovanna

    Love the direction you are going in! The last 2 looks with the capelet are amaze!


  • Kendra Pahukoa

    those are all gorgeous! by the way, SUCH a great picture of the girls helping you button up.
    have a beautiful day girl!
    kp xoxo

  • Anda Alexandra

    Top of the morning to you Bonnie :) Awesome pics as usual and I hope you did not mind me stealing some for my Pinterest board on Wedding Dresses 😀 I want one custom made and I want it with sleees <3