Self Portrait: ‘Grounded’

When you have always moved ever few months or couple of years, you live a life where people are always coming and going.  If you are lucky the better ones come back through your life again.  In this nomadic world you are constantly the ‘new girl’, introducing yourself all over again, and answering the dreaded question from where you come.  From growing up as a third culture kid as a military child overseas it prepared me for the role of a military wife living the island life in the Pacific.  Through out it all I have felt like a gypsy being blown by the wind.  Being called to far off places and locations I have never been.  While yearning for all the places, all the countries, and all the cultures I have taken as my own.  It became the fire that fueled our path to move overseas as expats.  Somehow on this new path I have reached the realisation that I finally have an anchor.  A person who can be my strength when I feel weak.  My comfort when I feel lost in the unknown.  My support when I lack the confidence.    My guard to block out the negative and censor the unwanted cruel words of others.  When I can get lost in my head of self doubt and he brings me back and keeps me grounded.  When he is with me I do not need to worry about what has been or what could be for we live in the present.  Which means so much when you are a girl with many dreams in both the day and the night.  Yet he keeps me close. Grounded in reality.
Self Portrait ‘Grounded’ by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved –


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A Compass Rose

  • Danielle Villano

    Really stunning! Very powerful. The write-up you’ve paired this with really enhances it, too.


  • Mary

    Bonnie, you are beautiful! And this photo is everything! I love that you are wearing baby pink off shoulder shirt because it adds to the gentleness of this photo. As you’re holding on to your love, he is holding on to you and that alone illustrates the framework of a relationship. The mutual holding illustrates mutual trust, mutual care, and mutual love. I love the blue tint on the botton because it adds a subtle aquatic feel to it with also adds to the overall gentleness of this photo. And then your words act as the icing to this lovely selfie post. Outstanding job, Miss Bonnie. :)

  • alesha

    So sweet :)

  • Jade

    So dramatic and emotional. Wonderful as always!

  • Debby

    Ah that’s so sweet but I recognise it so well :)

  • Erika @

    First of all, I just love the portrait.

    But more than that… I feel like the way you described your husband is what I feel with my boyfriend… I definitely have moved so many times, am always going… and sometimes it can feel like a whirlwind, a storm. But he’s an anchor… a rock. That’s perfect.

    Thanks for sharing this and putting it so eloquently! :)


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