Best Week Ever #4

Another week is wrapping up this summer and it has been quite warm.  How hot has it been here in England?  Well to give you an idea Betsy at Betsy Transatlantically  wrote about it in Heat Wave! I honestly love having a summer in England and I know I will miss it once we go back to freezing in coats for the rest of the year and the beginning of next.  I will say that not having AC is making me want to wear not much more than a bikini in the house. At night especially I feel like I am melting. 
 Wales is also experiencing the heat which means we potentially have a great week ahead of us for our Vow Renewal!  I am more than excited about the possibility of not being rained out *knockonwood* and have been getting a nice tan this week in preparation for wearing my white wedding gown again. Overall despite the high heat it has been a really productive week and the last week of school for my boys. After school today my boys are officially on Summer Vacation and that makes this: 
I have been featured on two different blogs this week.  Here about The Craziest Thing I Have Ever Done for a Boy with Patricia at Kisses and Croissants and Painting Pictures: Passort to the World with Rachel Pieh Jones at Djibouti Jones.  The later is about Third Culture Kids and how I view my past in relation to my future.  It was a fun piece to write as I love sharing the insights of being a TCK.

1. Self Portrait Saturday.  This Saturday my portrait was entitled ‘In the Wings‘.  Which was pretty perfect for the weekend given that I went to my first audition in about nine years.  I would have gone sooner but have let my accent hold me back. I’ve finally decided to start really working on softening it and start going to auditions.  I grew up in the theatre as a girl and acting became the one constant in my highly nomadic upbringing.  I majored in Theatre in Uni and it was how I met my husband.  However after having kids and being a military wife I knew I would have to put my passions on hold for a while.  Its been really nice to come out of the shadows and start pursing an interest that has been hidden inside for a while.

2. A Perfect Sunday.  I love my weekends the best because it is family time. Last sunday we went for a lovely stroll along the canal into town and I posted about it on  Sunday.  This weekend we spent a perfect Sunday by taking a taxi into town of Lansdown.  It is the location of a battle from the English Civil War and we went for a total 8 hour country walk in Lansdown and then walking back to our home.

3. Weekly Wishes.  Another entry for the link up with Melyssa from the Nectar Collective.  I talked about my situation with the wedding dress I wore ten years ago this August and what I’m attempting to do to wear it again for our vow renewal in Wales.

4. Travel Tuesday. Our Second #TravelTuesday with my beautiful cohost Belinda of Found Love. Now What? was my second part of the Pompeii series. Last week I shared the Darker side of Pompeii and this week I shared the Lighter side of Pompeii. Did you link up?
5. A Moment to Reflect. It is okay to not completely plan out posts. While I tend to have a structure going with my daily posts on ACR, I used this Wednesday to just reflect on life.  I talked about how Pinterest was making me rethink my wedding plans and what I am most excited about for the Vow Renewal. 
6. Throwback Thursday. My photography post on Thursday was a throwback to my Model of the Month project in 2010 with a LookBook shoot in Hawaii.  In the digital age where photos can just be forgotten on hard drives it is nice to bring them out again. 

f r o m   t h i s   w e e k 

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  • Bonnie Rose

    Awesome week in review! I am thinking about starting to do a “my week in photos” on Mondays…the style of your post has definitely inspired me! I hope you check mine out at!!

  • Bonnie Rose

    Oooh, Bonnie, looks like it was a fantastic week and a busy one, too! :) Love this recap!

  • Bonnie Rose

    aw thanks for the shout-out! so glad the weather’s cooperating for your celebration – fingers crossed it sticks around another month! have the best time in Wales :)

  • Bonnie Rose

    I have found so many cool new blogs thanks to this post! Thanks Bonnie :)

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    So glad! I hope to be able to share more great things on the fridays to come. x

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    You’re welcome. I was awoken by the rain this morning sometime before six am. Hopefully the weather will be okay again. x

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    In deed…and trying to catch up on everything now. Cannot wait to just relax and share instagram highlights with everyone. x

  • Bonnie Rose

    Thank you Caroline. You should, that would be great! You could always link up on Monday on my Friday posts too, as I leave the link up open for a few days. I’d love to check out your monday posts! x