The War on Girls: Beauty

I love people. As a photographer I love photographing people because of how we are all different.  I like that we do not all look a like.  That we each carry our own personal armoire of stories, scars, and triumphs.  To me a person is not really beautiful because of their skin, their body type, or what clothes they wear. I love finding the beauty in people.  I love hearing what makes a person happy, what drives their passions, and hearing about their hopes and dreams.  That moment where a person opens their mouth to speak fueled by the ignite of life behind their eyes.  Eyes really are the windows to a person’s soul and why I love to photograph people.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe everyone should be able to see and realise their own beauty and worth. 

We can be our own worst critics, seeing the faults in ourselves that no one else can see.  To find things unworthy of beauty that are our personal characteristics. To dislike things about ourselves that others in fact love about us.  Since we need our reflection we spend more time seeing others than seeing ourselves. Yet some of us spend more time scrutinizing and critiquing ourselves. 

This week remind yourself of how beautiful you are and how precious is your life. Then make sure to encourage the girls and women in your life.  We are made beautiful. We have the power to live beautiful lives.  It just takes the belief in yourself.  See the world as a beautiful place and life will look beautiful to you.
* photography by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved | 

  • Bonnie Rose

    Love that you’re talking about this! As a photographer as well, I get so discouraged after most photo shoots, because during the entire shoot my subject is either apologizing for not being thin or pretty enough or is asking me to make them look thin and pretty. I make sure to compliment them continuously, but it doesn’t seem to help at all. This is so heartbreaking to me, because I truly feel as though every single person in the world is beautiful in their own way!!!

  • Bonnie Rose

    Thank you Andi, so glad that you feel this way too. It is why I love to photograph people because I think everyone should be made to feel beautiful. :)

  • Bonnie Rose

    I am really loving these posts! These photos are BEAUTIFUL! This is really something society as a whole needs to have a discussion about!

  • Mandy Southgate

    This is amazing! Very, very powerful images and stirring words too Bonnie.