Photo Shoot in Bavaria, Germany

Hi everyone!  My name is Brittany Ruth and I blog over at The Rococo Roamer.  I’m so glad to be posting at Bonnie Rose’s blog today!  She’s been such an inspiration for me.  I currently live in Bavaria, Germany with my husband and French Bulldog.  I’ve been living here for over a year now and I’ve traveled to 10 European countries so far (and counting).  Traveling Europe is a big part of what I blog about.  But, I also like to blog about my antique and flea market adventures.  I love finding treasures in hidden places all over Europe.  I am also passionate about my photography journey that I have started since moving to Germany. 
When I found out I was moving, I knew I wanted to document every amazing travel adventure, so I knew I had to start getting more serious about the pictures I would be looking back at for years to come.  More recently, I signed up for Bonnie Rose’s introductory course, B. In Focus, from her line of B. Lux photography courses she has started offering.  I began learning how to use my new camera in manual and wow does it make a world of difference.  For my final project with Bonnie Rose, I decided to try my hand at portraits.  This is something I’ve always wanted to try but never really thought I could do.  The images below are a photo shoot I did back in November in my small town in Bavaria with my beautiful model, Kaija. These are also my first attempts at portraits.  I’m slightly obsessed with the images because they tell so much about my life right now and what I blog about.

As I said, the images were all taken around my tiny little town in Bavaria.  There is so much visual inspiration for me to draw from.  I found inspiration in the abandoned building with the red door and textured exterior.  I discovered some old benches with pops of red and brown that add interest to my photos.  I used the back drop of my town with a yellow building that happens to be the priest’s house.  And, I used ivy to frame my model’s face.  All of these images are staples of the town that I now live in and have grown to love.  The blanket I used in the first picture is from one of my flea market adventures to the Tongeren, Belgium Flea Market.  I love adding bits and pieces of the past into my life.  I’d love it if you stopped by and checked out some of the other things that I blog about at The Rococo Roamer.  Cheers!



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  • Laura Rocksteady

    Wow Brittany this photos are beautiful and I love that they are taken in a small town in Bavaria – very inspiring. I really enjoy the Rococo Roamer blog and will be visiting again very soon :) Great travel tuesday post

    Laura x