Throwback #4: Stonehenge


Time for our next Travel Throwback and today I share with you a photograph taken about thirty miles from where I live now, almost thirty years ago.  How wonderful to see that in all the mobility and travels in the last thirty one years I can return to the same areas from my past.  For a third culture kid like myself, that is as closest to having a ‘home’ as I can find.  I look forward to going back to Stonehenge soon to see it with my husband and sons this time.  Tis a shame you cannot get as close to it as you once could but will be awesome to see such an amazing historical structure outside of our current home in Bath, England.

“I know this goes without saying,
but Stonehenge really was the most incredible accomplishment.
It took five hundred men just to pull each sarsen,
lus a hundred more to dash around positioning the rollers.
Just think about it for a minute.
Can you imagine trying to talk six hundred people
into helping you drag a fifty-ton stone eighteen miles
across the countryside and muscle it into an upright position,
and then saying, ‘Right, lads! Another twenty like that,
plus some lintels and maybe a couple of dozen nice bluestones
from Wales, and we can party!’
Whoever was the person behind Stonehenge was
one dickens of a motivator,
I’ll tell you that.” 

― Bill BrysonNotes from a Small Island

*Photo used for A Compass Rose and belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2014 All Rights Reserved |
  • Tina @ Girl-Meets-Globe

    Love that photo! Can you believe how people were all over it?! There is a stone circle in the lake district that’s like this. The stones aren’t a huge, but it’s nice to be able to get up close.

    I recently pinned a guide from someone’s blog how you can get up close access to Stonehenge. It is off-peak times like early morning or late afternoon. I have it on Pinterest and it tells you how to do it, if you’re interested. It’s what I’m hoping to do one day!

    • Bonnie Rose

      That is so good to know! We have been putting it off since we dont have a car, might be easier to see if we have family visiting. I will definitely look into those tips when we do go! That is so good to know in advance! If you do get over there and we havent been yet, maybe we could meet up. x

  • Dulce

    film photos are always so awesome! And Stonehenge is my dream place to visit, maybe one day i would save enough for go there.

    • Bonnie Rose

      I know its great to bring those up. :) I hope you do get to go and when you do come visit Bath, its a great destination. We have loved living here for the last year. x

  • Jamie @ Gunters Abroad

    Oh my goodness…I can’t believe all the people sitting on the stones! I would have LOVED to have gotten that close!!

    • Bonnie Rose

      Oh I know. It will be interesting to see if other sights like this else where in the world become more closed off to the public too.

  • Kaelene Spence

    Love this picture, off all the pictures of Stonehenge I have seen I haven’t seen people all over it like in this one!

    • Bonnie Rose

      I have seen this photo often but it did not occur to me until i was typing words to go with the photo for the blog. :)

  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    I don’t know when stonehenge started being cordoned off from the public. Great photo and lovely to see people enjoying it close up!

    • Bonnie Rose

      Oh me either…but guessing sometime after 1984ish. 😉