Travel Tuesday Cohosts | August-October


If you have been reading up, hopping around, and/or linking up with us these past few months than you may know these ladies quite well as they have been keeping Travel Tuesday running.  Before they go I wanted to highlight them here on the blog so you can get to know them better and make sure to know where to find them on their blogs and across the social media scene.  Plus each wonderful girl has chosen one of you to take their place for Travel Tuesday over the next three months! So have a fun read as I let these amazing cohosts take the lead today.


Hi! I blog over at Amy and the Great World ( I started my blog a year ago as a way to chronicle my travels so I wouldn’t forget them, and to consolidate past blogs into one. It has evolved as a way to keep my family and friends updated on my new life abroad in Prague, and includes plenty of advice on how (not) to travel, a few travel-themed games, other life thoughts and random travel tips. Now that I’ve discovered the blogging community and the plethora of travel stories out there, I’m hooked! Come follow along as I try to make a life in Prague, explore as much of Europe as I can, and reminisce about my experiences in Asia, South America, and beyond! 


1. I am a travel fiend–to date, I’ve been to 23 countries.

2. I am currently fulfilling a lifelong dream of living abroad by teaching English as a Second Language in the lovely Prague.

3. I had never flown until I was 15. My first flight was overseas to Switzerland!

4. I accidentally ate congealed pig’s blood in Thailand thinking it was tofu. It was actually not as gross as it sounds but certainly was not tofu.

5. On my travels, I have been given nicknames in different languages, such as “MacGaw” in a northern Thai dialect which (supposedly) means “sweet pomegranate” and “XiaoMi” which in Mandarin means “small piece of rice.” My new names usually involve food…

Amy horizontal

Bloglovin': (  Instagram: ( Blog: (www.amyandthegreatworld


Two Feet, One World is the travel blog of the adventures of Jessi, a Kiwi now living in London.  She loves exploring, good coffee, and beaches in any form.  Her favourite adventures to date have been Oktoberfest in Munich (two years in a row!), an incredible trip through Turkey, cramming as much as possible into weekends in Copenhagen, Paris and Barcelona, and of course the crazy madness that is life in London.


Fun facts:
1. I love trying new food wherever I go, and have only had memorable backfires a couple of times, like when I ended up with a whole octopus on my plate!
2. I have now visited 28 countries and so am well on track to see 30 before I’m 30.
3. I’ve run nine half-marathons and I’d love my tenth to be somewhere exciting overseas.
4. I’m a beach bunny and will always opt for sun over snow.
5. I hate being forced to choose, but my favourite country that I have visited so far is Vietnam.


Twitter: @2feet1world

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The Things I Am Crazy For is a travel and lifestyle blog dedicated and inspired by Camila’s life as an expat and traveller. Posts range from her experience living and studying abroad, to tips on what and where to visit, to recipes and book reviews.

camila photo 3

5 fun facts:
-I first travelled internationally at age one.
-I have flown to 5 continents.
-I’ve met my boyfriend and best friend while travelling.
-I speak and/or have studied 5 different languages.
-I collect fridge magnets from all over the world.

camila photo 1




The nominated new Co-Hosts for Travel Tuesday are:

Cynthia of Adventurings –

Yalanda from Laugh Anyway 

Courtney from Adelante


If you have been nominated can you send me an email at bonnie{at}bonnie-rose{dot}co{dot}uk  or comment on here with your email if you have trouble getting in contact.


On another note I have been forced to take the week off of work to take care of an injury so I eagerly await to see all the travel and expat posts for this week! Thank you for linking up!



  • Camila

    Thank you so much for having me as a co-host for the last few months, Bonnie! It’s been a real pleasure! And thank you for this wonderful feature :)

    • Bonnie Rose

      Thank you Camila, I loved having you on board! x

  • Claire M

    Aw, Crap, my screen wasn’t displaying the fields properly and I mixed them up! (the one that says Claire is a link to Sedlec Ossuary) Is there a way I can edit it or delete my entry and add it again properly?

    • Bonnie Rose

      Not sure. but if you want to link it twice, that is okay by me. x

  • Stephanie

    I love this post – thank you so much for sharing more about the last co-hosts! I’ve just started linking up and it’s been great. Love seeing so many amazing travel blogs. xoxoxo

    • Bonnie Rose

      These girls have been so great and I really cannot wait to see what lovely travel inspirations we get in the months to come. Thank you for linking up Stephanie! x

  • AmyMacWorld

    Thank you for having me, Bonnie! I’ve loved being a part of it. And thanks for this awesome feature, I feel so honored :)

  • Courtney

    Thank you for the nomination! I’m so excited! :)

  • ClemandMarcella

    I love Travel Tuesday :) A lovely post!
    ~ Marcella

  • Cynthia

    What a great post… a great send off for these three ladies.
    Jessi, I love that you’re trying to see 30 (countries) before 30 too! I’m currently at 28 (and also am 28) so it is also a goal of mine. Even if I have to make a really random last minute trip, I’ve just gotta make it happen 😉
    And thank you so much cohosts for nominating me– I will do my best to make y’all proud.

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  • Andi Fisher

    Love this! I do a travel blogger series but I have been doing it the same way for over a year now and need to change it up – I love the more visual approach! I love discovering new bloggers and I am going to check these ladies out!

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