Travel with Me


I would love to say I am traveling somewhere amazing this week.  However I tend to move to places that becomes the destination where friends and family want to come visit you so that they can also see the sights. Case in point the last three places my family has lived has been Brighton, England; Oahu, Hawaii; and Monterey, California.  While I may  not be packing my bags, a favourite person of mine is packing hers. Or at least I hope she is nearly packed for my mum is going to be here on Wednesday!  My boys have been counting down the days until Nonna arrives and Christmas celebrations can officially begin here in Bath, England.  While anticipating my mum’s arrival here is a photo from one of our trips together.  Pictured here with my mum and my father’s brother near Newark, NJ.  We had a fantastic time kayaking (one of my favourite hobbies) and catching up over lost time.




If you would like to come to Bath, why not read other bloggers posts who share about this beautiful town?  Including Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons blog.


  • Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki

    Have so much fun with your mom! I can’t wait to be heading home for the holidays in a few weeks.

  • Camila

    Aw that’s so sweet! I love when family comes to visit! Have a wonderful time!

  • laurenonlocation

    Family visiting is the best! I love sharing my new home with the people I love most! Have a great time 😀

  • Yalanda_Meshell

    Yay for family visits!

  • Chloe Logan

    Have a wonderful time with your mum!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  • Holly Hollyson

    An interesting take on travel – it is quite often the case here too! I adore having my family and friends here.