Best and Worst Cruisines

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November’s themed #TravelTuesday post is brought to you by my lovely co-host Courtney of  Adelante blog: ‘Best and Worst Cuisines’.  As an avid lover of food myself, who loves to write blog posts about where to eat, I have been looking forward to this prompt all week.

From my nomadic upbringing I stand behind the fact that a great way to experience a new place is to try the food.  So with that I begin this post by sharing the worst cuisines I have tasted.  Do not worry I do not have instagram pics to share with this portion.   I do have a big tip when traveling: Eat where the locals eat.  By pass the resturants near tourist locations.  Ask locals where their favourite places are to eat.  Find those hole in the wall places off the beaten bath.  From experience I have tasted just how the ‘tourist traps’ water down their food for the tourist palate.  Not to mention the prices on said cruisines also go up.

The best cruisines. Honestly my eyes light up when I talk about places I have been and the subject of food is not far off from my lips.

  • There are the fresh strawberries I had when my family first arrived in Oslo, Norway.
  • The germknodel up on the slopes in Austria in between my snowboarding adventures.
  • The spaghetti and house wine at the resturant on the marina in Sorrento.
  • Mama’s Thai fried rice around the corner from where we taught English in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Those are certainly not the only best cruisines I have had around the world and I know they will not be the last. However the important fact to me is that they have been experienced.

For that reason I love to try new places in my backyard in my expat life to share with you to experience too.  Some of my favourites have been:


The Tiroler Hut, an Austrian restaurant in London, England


The Cosy Club here in Bath is where I love to escape for a cup of tea and brunch.

20131101-BRP_0188SMOutside Bath in Bradford on Avon is the Lock Inn cafe which I love for all the details while you eat food that satisfies the tastebuds.


Another must try place in Bradford on Avon is the Bridge Tea room.  My photos from this post were also featured on BuzzFeed with 21 Absolutely Charming Tea Rooms You Have To Visit Before You Die







  • Holly Hollyson

    I really need to be a bit more on the ball with these themed posts! I would have liked this one.

  • Andrea Sherrodd

    I should not be reading all of these while hungry! That first picture with the pastries looks amazing. And I totally agree about asking the locals where to go — first of all, all the best meals I’ve ever had traveling have been recommended by a local or at a non-touristy restaurant, and secondly, I’ve only ever gotten food poisoning at touristy places!

  • Yalanda_Meshell

    With the view of the snowy mountains like that, any dish would be a memorable ‘best’ dish!!!

  • Cynthia

    What an amazing take on the prompt- I feel like each food you named was a story within itself! I was oohing and aahing the whole time.
    I especially loved the mention of Germknodel as I JUST learned what germ is in my German class this week and that it is specifically an Austrian word. That Tiroler Hut restaurant looks so completely adorable!

  • Courtney @ Adelante

    That germknodel in Austria sounds to die for. And that scenery! No wonder it made your list of favorites!

  • Em

    Must make trips to Bath and Bradford upon Avon for tea! That seems like the epitome of “English” :) Loved the street food in Bangkok, too!