10 Year Blogiversary!

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved

This month marks my 10 year milestone with my blog A Compass Rose (ACR).

I started it in 2005 days before my first born son came into this world. Now he is just days away from celebrating his first double digit birthday. I think of everything that has happened in the past ten years and wonder how it all fit into one decade. Some of it made it on my blog, others did not and happened during a period of downtime away from the blogosphere. I have taken a lot of my most favourite photographs specially for the blog and my self portrait series. I have blogged every day for the most part of a year, working on a consistant flow of posts that covered photography, travel, third culture kids, and expat life. I have made a lot of friends and kept in contact with those that are as close as family. While my level of activity has gone up and down it has always been there, like an old friend, ready to pick things up where we last left off. Thank you to everyone who has ever come here, for the comments, for the support, and most importantly all the love and friendship. Thank you.

  • http://deasynoel.com/ Deasy Noel

    Wow! Congratulations on the anniversary! That’s such a huge deal <3

  • http://www.girlmeetscamera.com/ Megan Wade

    Happy Blogaversary! I’ll hit 7 in June I think. Before that it was all about MySpace blogging haha

  • http://honestscribbles.com/ Lian Fournier @ honestscribble


  • http://dianadegzz.blogspot.com/ diana @ Life in German.

    Congrats for the ten years… And happy early birthday to your son!

  • http://www.goodnightandtravelwell.com/ goodnightandtravelwell

    Wow! Ten years is such a great goal! Congrats!

  • http://givemecakeblog.blogspot.com/ Sara Beth

    10 years?! Holy cow, that’s commitment! Keep it up!!

  • Luchessa Grossmann

    10 years? Omg girl. I think i didn’t even know there was such thing as blogging 10 years ago…

    Good for you for sticking with writing. What an amazing journal of your life is has become. :)

    ps: The self portrait series rocks!


    Luchessa @ http://luchessa.org/

  • http://welaughanyway.com/ Yalanda_Meshell

    Wow! 10 years? That is amazing dedication! Congrats! And Happy Birthday to your little (or not so little) one!