Music & Travel


Music seems to be synonymous with travel.  I love especially how songs can be tied to memories and all it takes is listening to a piece of music to take you back to a precious trip.  It can be the best way to travel vicariously when you are currently having a staycation.  As a fan of Spotify I have been looking at different music that reminds me of places and trips around the world.  As I was looking up some of the most popular travel songs while updating my growing list of spotify playlists I found some good travel related songs.  Many of which I am still a huge fan of like:

 Peter, Paul and Mary: ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ (1967)
Bruce Springsteen: ‘Born to Run’ (1975)
Willie Nelson: ‘On the Road Again’ (1980)
Simon and Garfunkel: ‘Homeward Bound’ (1966)
The Go-Go’s: ‘Vacation’ (1982)
Iggy Pop: ‘The Passenger’ (1977)

But now I need your help! What other great songs should I add to the travel playlist?


  • Phoebe Thomas

    Take me home, country roads – John Denver! Bizarrely I saw him play in Hanoi in about 1993, he was about the first American artist to be allowed into the country and us young expats were so excited that there was a Western singer playing that of course we went, no matter none of us actually liked him! Ever since then this has been a great travelling song for me with amazing memories.

  • Cynthia

    Thunderclap Newman’s “There’s Something in the Air” always reminds me of Amsterdam, although I don’t think the song is specifically travel related. Simon and Garfunkel’s “America” when I’m headed west-bound…. and The Clash or The Kinks whenever I’m heading to England (incl. “London Calling” & “Waterloo Sunset”). Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” for just bein’ a vagabond :)

  • Natalye

    Good list to start with. I made a travel mix 5 years ago, and here are the songs I included on it.

  • Jamie | North of Something

    I love U2’s “Beautiful Day” on road trips! It just makes me happy :)

  • Alyson

    Oh man! I love music too so it will be hard to narrow it down. I am not sure about travel specific songs but my husband and I are currently obsessed with Bear’s Den (and their radio station on Google Play) and last year was obsessed with Say Lou Lou.

  • Sara Elizabeth Urquidez

    First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes… not directly travel related, but it always gets me excited when I’m on the plane headed to a new place to explore!

  • Camila

    Definitely love many of those songs! To me music is also so closely related to travel – I listen to so much music when I’m travelling, on a plane or train :)

  • Lian Fournier @ honestscribble

    Music helps me feel like I’m in my own music video – especially when I’m traveling hehehe And I love to travel, but I actually get quite nervous flying. My solution is always music. I like to listen to Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports’ – it’s ambient and calming and helps to sooth those turbulence-frayed nerves.

  • Anna | slightly astray

    When we rented a scooter on Koh Chang, we always sang “Born to be Wild” as we rode up and down the mountain roads. 😀 It seemed to be the perfect song for those moments!

  • Miles of Happiness

    Indeed, music goes with travel. It’s a super important part of a trip!! I like your list. ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ is one of my favorites… I actually just published a post about roadtrip and… music :)