Expat life in Ireland

Hi! I’m Sara and I blog at SARA SEES, where I share adventures from my travels and general wanderings! I’m currently living in Dublin, Ireland where I’ve had some absolutely amazing experiences! You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!

Moving from Louisiana to Ireland has been a bit of an adjustment, to say the least. But for the most part, all the adjustments have been great ones! For example, I’m a lot more active here. Not only is it because I don’t have a car, but because you can walk outside without profusely sweating. That’s new for me! (Sorry to diss Louisiana, but it’s too hot to function there most of the time!)

So, I’m trying to take advantage of this whole non-humid weather thing as much as I can! Throw in Ireland’s astounding natural landscape and there’s one obvious answer…HIKING! Hiking is big here, so there are many options of hiking trails/paths that range from a simple 3-mile hikes to 3 week hikes and everything in between!

One Tuesday when I didn’t have to work, my friend and I decided to go hiking from Glenmalure to Glendalough, which was about 7 miles. We packed a lunch, took a n hour train from Dublin and spent the whole day out in the mountains. As much as I love Dublin, it was so nice to get out of the city and get some fresh air. I came back relaxed with a clear mind, a tan, and sore legs! But the scenery was absolutely astounding, especially the end of the hike which ended at the monastic ruins of Glendalough!

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  • http://www.clemandmarcella.wordpress.com/ Marcella ~ WhatAWonderfulWorld

    Gorgeous photos! This looks like the most stunning hike :)

    • http://www.sara-sees.com/ Sara @ Sara Sees

      It was amazing! Hopefully we can do it again but maybe do a different route since there’s so many options!

  • http://www.simplysaratravel.com/ Sara

    Your photos from the hike are stunning! Ireland is such a gorgeous place – I’ve been once, and dream of going again and doing a road trip through the countryside. Good luck on your transition!

    • http://www.sara-sees.com/ Sara @ Sara Sees

      I highly recommend it! The best part of Ireland is the nature! I hope you get to visit agian soon!

  • LydiaCLee

    That’s so beautiful!! I love the ruins in the middle of nowhere (or is that clever photography?) Looks like you’ve picked a lovely place to settle…

    • http://www.sara-sees.com/ Sara @ Sara Sees

      haha no they really were in the middle of nowhere! The hike ended in a beautiful valley with these amazing monastic ruins!

  • http://ofgoldenroses.blogspot.com/ Sara Rose

    Wow!!! What an amazing find!!

    • http://www.sara-sees.com/ Sara @ Sara Sees

      thank you!

  • http://adventitiousviolet.com/ Camila @ AdventitiousViolet

    Aw I totally get you! Except that when I moved to Scotland I realised how little I like being outdoors lol what a fail! I love to look at the outdoors and Scotland is just so beautiful everywhere, but hiking up a mountain or through a forest is a nightmare for me. I need to get over it I think….

    • http://www.sara-sees.com/ Sara @ Sara Sees

      hahahaha wow I guess we’re opposite then! I loveeeeee hiking and mountains because I can’t do any of that at home!

  • http://dianadegzz.blogspot.com/ Diana

    Thanks for making me fall in love with Ireland! 😉

  • http://www.ramblinlove.com RamblinLove

    Looks like such a nice hike!