Ireland: Why Galway is a Must

Before we begin, a reminder that next week will be our themed Travel Tuesday.  Our current Travel Tuesday cohost, Sara has chosen the following prompt:

Although traveling can provide some of the best experiences/memories, it’s not ALWAYS fun and games. What is your worst travel experience? Or most embarrassing experience? Or biggest #travelfail? Where were you and what happened? “


Hi! Sara here again, and I blog at SARA SEES where I share adventures from my travels and general wanderings! I’m currently living in Dublin, Ireland where I’ve had some absolutely amazing experiences! You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!

So last week on Travel Tuesday I shared a bit about my wonderful hike from from Glenmalure to Glendalough. As I said last week, this landscape is totallyyyy different from that of South Louisiana, so I’ve really been trying to take advantage of it!

So this week, I want to share another highlight from my time in Ireland thusfar – GALWAY! We’ve been to Galway twice so far, and I absolutely love it! Here’s a short and sweet list of why Galway is a MUST for anyone in Ireland:

1. It’s super easy to get to from Dublin (about 2.5 hours by bus) so it’s a great weekend trip! Plus you pass some great sights of rural Ireland on the ride over!
2. It’s relatively small so you can see the best that Galway has to offer in a weekend!
3. It has GREAT nightlife! So much fun!
4. There are amazing day trips offered from Galway to some of the best spots in Ireland like The Cliffs of Moher and Connemara.
5. And finally, IT’S BEAUTIFUL! The city centre, the waterfront of the Galway Bay, the booths at the Galway Market…everything is so picturesque!

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  • Marcella ~ WhatAWonderfulWorld

    Beautiful photos again :) Galway looks seriously stunning and that’s great that it’s close and easy to get to from Dublin, it looks like the perfect getaway!

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      The most perfect weekend getaway, in fact! I highly highly recommend it :)

  • LydiaCLee

    Ugh – racing to concert & phone being difficult. Will read the other posts in the morning but I must say that church looks fabulous (and the cliffs are a little tempting too!)

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      Gotta love a good ol’ church! I’m a sucker for beautiful churches! And yessss the cliffs are my absolute favorite thing I’ve done in Ireland thus far!

  • Rachel

    Wow! That is picturesque! I especially like the houses all painted different colours lined up alongside the harbour. Bits of it remind me of Devon, oddly enough. Looks like a fantastic destination!

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      it truly is! And yes that’s one of the more recognizable areas of Galway…great for a photo op!

  • MilliGFunk

    Galway looks like an awesome mix of cool European urban culture (love those brightly-colored buildings!) and gorgeous countryside. This makes me want to visit!

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      What a great way to describe it! It’s definitely more country than urban though…it’s pretty small and doesn’t have too many new/city buildings…but that just adds to it’s charm!

  • Jessi @2feet1world

    Ah so cool! You are definitely increasing my Ireland wanderlust :)

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      hhahah that’s exactly what I’m here for!

  • Yalanda_Meshell

    Looks gorgeous! I love all thinks Galway and I know I’ll have to make it there next time I’m in Ireland! There is just so much to see there!

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      agreed! I’ve been twice already since I’ve been living in Ireland! It’s the best weekend trip!

  • Camila @ AdventitiousViolet

    Love that last photo – great one! I really need to make it down to Ireland soon! And it’s very interesting that from Galway you can take some day trips – very interesting indeed :)

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      Yes Galway itself is great to visit, but there’s also tons to do in the surrounding areas and it’s a great base station to go all around!

  • Camilla | Summer Isn’t Over

    Wow, Galway looks gorgeous… straight on the bucket list!

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      I approve! hahaha I hope you get to visit one day!

  • Natalia | Glitter and Passport

    What a charming little town! Must put that on my list when I visit Ireland!

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      Charming is a great word for it! And yes you should definitely check it out!

  • Andrea On Vacation

    When I was in Galway is was sideways raining the whole time. I guess I’ll have to return to see it in the sun! Gorgeous!

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      Awww that’s the worst! The first time I went, it was raining and super windy and chilly! When I went again to check out the Cliffs of Moher, we lucked out with AMAZING weather thank goodness!

      Hey, at least now you have an excuse to go back! :)

  • Sara

    Lovely photos! I love that last one of you – that’s exactly how I picture Ireland, covered in super green grass! Looks like a great weekend trip!

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      And let me tell you…the grass at the Cliffs of Moher is SOOO soft. Like I have never felt grass that soft in my life! Not kidding!

  • Deepti @ Endless Postcards

    Looks stunning! Love the vibrant green that Ireland is famous for


    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      Thanks! And yes the greenery in Ireland is unreal! So beautiful!

  • Anna

    Want to visit Ireland so badly!! Galway is on my list because I’ve read so much about it!!

    • Sara @ Sara Sees

      It’s the absolute cutest! Not very big but so much to see there and around the area!

  • Holly Hollyson

    I wouldn’t mind visiting Ireland! It looks exactly like the Ireland in my imagination!

  • Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    All of your pictures are so beautiful! I definitely want to visit Ireland when I can because it looks like it could transport you back to another time.