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Weekly Wishes/1

My friend Melyssa from the Nectar Collective has started a link up for Weekly Wishes.  I have been watching the past few weeks, wanting to take part, and have decided if I must post twice on a Monday to do so than I shall. If you know me than you know I like to seek the positive and the good.  What better way then to start the week off with that mindset and goals for the week.  Hence ‘Weekly Wishes‘. 
This week I am tapping into my theatre background in the hopes to get back into it.  It is something I have wanted to do once my kids were both ‘school aged’ and now that they are six and eight it seems about time.  To be honest I am a bit anxious to start again when I have not done much if anything in the last ten years since practically growing up in community theaters and majoring in it at Uni.  I am reading a play this week, working on memorization of lines, and beginning character development. It is my goal to work diligently on this every day this week.  Which leads me into my major wish for the week.
Dropping my accent.  Since our first week here I have felt very self conscious about my american accent.  Slowly over the last two years of our expat life in England I have started to say certain words with the local accent and have picked up english phrases and vocabulary.  Yet still I board the bus and dread asking for the fare when my american accent is so prominent.  If I am in restaurant and something is not right, I will not speak up because I fear the connotation that will go along with my accent.  It sounds silly.  But when you have moved so much and been forced in such different cultures and countries, assimilating to your surroundings in something my soul yearns to do.  I do not want to stick out.  The assumption that I am just here on holiday or having to explain that I am really not from anywhere to people I meet in town is constant. My kids accents are already changing so fast and my husband, an American, is changing faster than me due to going to work in town.  
So with my motivation to get back into the theatre my wish is to really work hard on softening my American accent and adopting a neutral English accent. Luckily I have a pretty amazing blogger friend, Amanda, who has been giving me tips and guidance and plenty of resources online to help me this week.  I know it will be a long process not to be complete in just a week but its a start.  With every great goal an action must take place to make a change. 

Q: What are your Weekly Wishes? Have you linked up?

Playground and Accents

Ronan is doing his best to do his reading homework in an English accent. I’m listening trying not to giggle too loud so he figures out I’m listening and stops. I love when the boys slip into an accent without realizing it and when they imitate words they hear classmates and teachers say at school. It is too cute. xx