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Its Snowing!

So excited to look outside the window while getting the boys ready for bed.  I had only bed home for a couple of hours from work and the world was already covered with a blanket of snow! The boys could not wait to go sneak a peek outside.  We are so excited that tomorrow is Sunday so we can go outside and have a snow day!

It is Snowing!
Maddox was quite excited!

Cold and Rainy

 It has been very cold and rainy in England recently.  I go outside in so many layers. There have been some mornings where I will wear two or three pairs of tights, knee high socks or leg warmers, boots, and my warmer pair of dress slacks on top for just the bottom half of my body.  No joke. After living in Hawaii I am a wimp with this weather. Which is crazy when I remember being a little girl growing up in Norfolk, England wearing shorts in the cold weather.

This morning it was quite hard to get out of bed.  The covers were warm and looking outside it was wet and cold.  Brrrr….

They joke that the English talk a lot about the weather.  I did not get it until I found myself checking my weather app constantly.  I not only look at the weather here, but the warm weather temperatures else where in the world.  Heres to hoping for rainbows.

Rainy weather in England.