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Snowing in Bath

I knew I had acclimated back to life in England when I started using the weather app frequently on my phone and actually talking about the weather in conversations.   This morning I saw we had 90% chance of snow fall in the afternoon and started to get excited.  Sure enough after lunch  my kids started talking excitedly about the heavy snowflakes falling outside.  Unfortunately it only lasted a little while and we were left with no reminder. After our first snow fall of 2013 last month we are left longing for more.  We had so much fun going into town and seeing all the architecture covered in the white snow. Of course back at home there were plenty of snowball fights, snowmen and snow forts that were built.   In England we get plenty of rain but the snow is always so magical to me. 
Here for the first time on the blog are photographs from the snow we had fun enjoying while it lasted. 
Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 – Bath, England
Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 – Bath, England

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 – Bath, England
Self Portrait on timer by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013

My husband with my sons enjoying the snowfall with plenty of snowball fights.
Our neighbourhood looking beautiful covered in a blanket of snow. 
Icicles hanging from our house in Batheaston, England
Self Portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 – Bath, England

For everyone else getting snow this winter, what has been your favourite thing about it?

*Photography by Bonnie Rose Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved.

Snow Day!

After going to bed knowing there would be much more snow on the ground, we were all quite excited to wake up and play in it.  The boys and I got dressed for the snow and then headed out to get breakfast on the way and a sledge (a sled in the US).  We went to the football park nestled in the middle of the town where there were quite a bit of inclines perfect for sledging.  We   had fun also making snowman, throwing snowballs, and making snow angels.  Ryan came and met us after work and by the time we went back home we had been in the snow for three hours!  I love being in the snow and I was pleasantly surprised to find the snow was so perfect for so many snowy activities.  The boys were very eager to get some hot cocoa back on the way home and talk about all the fun they had in the snow.  It was a great way to finish up the weekend.

The boys once we got to the park. 

Its Snowing!

So excited to look outside the window while getting the boys ready for bed.  I had only bed home for a couple of hours from work and the world was already covered with a blanket of snow! The boys could not wait to go sneak a peek outside.  We are so excited that tomorrow is Sunday so we can go outside and have a snow day!

It is Snowing!
Maddox was quite excited!

Shopping & Snow

Ryan and I spent another Tuesday date together.  This time we went up to Crawley for a little shopping.  I love shopping but I do find it hard to spend money on myself, compared to buying things for the boys.  I am however a love for deals.  So while Ryan and I enjoyed some time together, I kept my eyes open.  I got a new iPhone cover for just £1 with Mr. Men on it (to make the boys smile) and two pairs of shoes for a grand total of £11!  But better than any deals was the weather.  Yes it was cold but instead of rain we had snow.  It started snowing while we were out and at one point the snowflakes were quite big.  I loved having the snow fall! It made the day out so beautiful and special.

Out with Ryan in Crawley 

First Snow!

I did try to take a photograph today but given my time constraints with being at work and having an iPhone 3Gs that was not quite possible.  I looked outside our huge windowed walls at work and saw those snowflakes falling and I felt like a six year old.  It is the first snow fall I have witnessed in England since moving back.  I felt like dancing!  It was not the type of snow to stick and it was not quite cold enough to keep it long. Despite those common denominators it was quite magical all the same.  Sadly it seems the snow is not as welcomed to those around me at work and taken for granted.  I wish I could have seen it with my boys so we could have been excited together. However they were able to witness the snow with their dad. Hopefully it will snow again soon.

Gingerbread Houses & More

Tonight’s Christmas craft was this Gingerbread house.  Ronan and Maddox had fun but wished it was edible so it could be eaten later.  Maybe we will have time next month to make a real gingerbread house to fulfill their wish.  I am not sure how easy it will be to find a gingerbread house kit here in England.  So far I have not seen one and that would mean we would have to make one from scratch.  Could be a fun adventure with gingerbread and sweets!  If all else fails and it crumbles, we can eat the evidence. 
Ronan and Maddox with our finished Gingerbread house. 
Gingerbread house has a very glittery roof. 

Decorated with lots of candy and sweets!

Today Maddox brought home a Christmas wreath that he made yesterday with his class.  The parents of his reception class were invited to stay in the morning to help them with the Christmas craft activities they were doing with the kids in Nursery.  Maddox got to hand paint on a Christmas tree, make a decoration for the tree, decorate part of a snowman, fill in the colour on Santa’s sleigh, and make a Christmas wreath.  There was lots of paper, paint, glue, and glitter involved and much fun was had by all.  I really enjoyed getting to spend the special time with Maddox in his class.

Green handprints to decorate the tree at Maddox’s school
Maddox decorated his ornament for the tree. 
Maddox with his decorated ornament…with a quite a lot of glitter!

A sleigh ride decorated with paper and material in different colours.

Decorating a snowman with scrunched up paper. 

Last craft was to make and decorate his own Christmas Wreath which he got to bring home today.
Ready to Deck the Halls with Christmas Cheer!