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My Blonde Transformation

Brunette to Blonde


You may have witnessed my blonde transformation if we are friends already on various social media outlets (ie. Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook).  If not, do not worry you are on the right blog, A Compass Rose, I just have a new look for summer!  About a month a go I decided to take the plunge and I have not looked back since. I could not wait to finally share with you on the blog about my blonde transformation and this post will now be part of a ‘Going Blonde’ series.  Through this post and the rest to follow in this series I will be your resident hairstylist and share with you the following topics:

  • How to prepare your hair before you go blonde
  • The steps I took to go from brunette to light blonde
  • How to talk to your hairdresser/hairstylist/haircolourist
  • The cold hard truth about colouring your hair
  • How I continue with a nopoo regimen at home (see: I broke up with my shampoo and conditioner)
  • The upkeep it will take to stay blonde
  • How lighting can be a blonde’s best friend or enemy
  • Why I went blonde and what had held me back before
  • Answer the question if blondes really do have more fun
  • Plus I’ll answer any questions you send my way!
    • Got a question?  Send it to me via twitter using @the_bonnierose and add #blonde or/and add a comment below!

Before going Blonde from Brunette

I want to give you a brief glimpse into my hair before.  Above is a look at my hair before I went blonde.  My natural regrowth is a level 5 on the ashy side of the scale. Think of a level one as jet black and level 10 as platinum blonde. The older lengths of my hair appear warmer than the newer growth.

HAIR COLOUR | I stopped using hair colour and grew out previous hair colour from July 2012 to January 2015.  About four months before I went blonde my coworker used a glossing product from Sebastian on my hair.  Unlike a traditional hair colour or lightener it contained no ammonia and no peroxide.  therefore no colour lifting and no hair damage.  It left my hair with a deposit of a dark brown colour and a glossing shine that would eventually all wash out.  As I do not use shampoo at home and go at least a week between cleansing my hair, the colour gloss lasted well.

HAIRSTYLE | As far as my hairstyle I have had the right side of my head shaved for about a year with grown out layers.  My hair is naturally curly.  The shorter is more curly and the longer it is more wavy.  I tend to wear it naturally curly and with brushing and/or braiding it will drop into loose waves. I have thick hair so when it is parted in the center you cannot tell I have a substantial amount of hair missing from one side.

After: Blonde from Brunette

Here is a look of my blonde transformation four weeks after I went blonde initially.  This was after my new growth touched up for the first time since going blonde.  As an important note my hair has gone through various stages of lift and toning from the before to the after photos included in this post.  I will explain the whole process with a vlog to come along in this going blonde series.

Here we have it: My blonde transformation!  I have tried various types of blonde in the past but this was the first time I went about it in the smartest and healthiest way for my hair.  In the end it has paid off because my mum has given me her seal of approval.  Thank you mum!

GOT A QUESTION?  I look forward to sharing with you more. Let me know your questions by commenting below and/or sending me a tweet on twitter.  Also if you have any friends wanting to go blonde share this series with them.  As a hairstylist I have had to do far too many colour corrections on blonde gone wrong or have had to chop inches of hair to get the hair to look healthy.  Just because you want to go blonde does not mean you have to also cut your hair short.  I have yet to buy any blonde extensions, so any photos you see of me on social media is all my own hair.  I would like to get some in the future as I like to add more thickness when it comes to updos and braiding.  For now I love my blonde transformation.

Going blonde is possible.