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Sainsburys Scavenger Hunt

 Friday is here and upon finishing my last client for the day at the Salon, I ran to the rail station to catch the next train home.  I got out a little late and so I made the train it by literally seconds. Getting off the train I walked straight over to my kids’ school to pick them up.  I got there just in time to see Ronan returning from the pool for swimming day.  He had a fun day at the new pool and was excited to tell me all about his adventure.  With a bag full of supplies for the kids’ nativity costumes, their school bags, and the PE kit we started our walk home.  Unfortunately as we reached our front door I realized that my keys were hanging safely on my jacket hook in our entry way and not in my bag.  With the sun setting earlier and the weather getting colder, going to the park or waiting in the stairwell would both be out of the question.  I texted my partner who was still meeting with his class at Uni in Brighton.  With two different trains to get back home, it could be an hour before we could inside our home.  So what to do?  I took my kids to the Sainsburys grocery store down the street and browse.  We did okay but the store was quite cold.  Solution? A scavenger hunt brought to you by a friend of mine over text messages.  The boys found something and they got rewarded with a photo of something Batman related.  Moods got uplifted and soon it was time to head back home.

Christmas Tree lit up in our town.

Maddox looking at the Christmas Decorations

Scavenger Hunt at Sainsbury’s to pass the time and cure boredom. 

Found a fruit that does not start with a vowel, and Ronan is beaming with excitement. 

Reindeer Max

Found a little Charlie Brown tree.  Might put it on our Holiday list.