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Two Weeks Letter

My fridays are usually reserved for my Best Week Ever posts and upon reflection today I realised it really has been the best two weeks.  So much has happened and so many great memories shared with both family and friends in several cities.  So today I share another sneek peek photograph of Ryan and I on our 10th Wedding Anniversary in Wales and a special letter to recap the best two weeks.
Photography © Miriam Pinkston Visual Artist, All Rights reserved

A Letter to my Last Two Weeks

Dear Weather,
Thank you for being amazing without being over the top.  Up until our vacation in Wales we were experiencing a heat wave in England.  We leave for Wales and welcomed with rain showers.  It did not ruin our plans and I had one of my favourite memories from my trip.  A hike in Dollegau with just my husband ended in a rain shower and a fun run back to our B&B. It rained the morning of our anniversary, just like the morning of our wedding, which I had been told ten years ago was good luck. Which we indeed did have with perfect weather onwards.

Dear Family,
Thank you to my mum and sister for coming out to the UK for our 10th Anniversary and to be a part of our Vow Renewal. Ryan, the boys, and I enjoyed creating more wonderful memories together.  We are already looking forward to our trip to France next year.

Dear Friends,
I am beyond words when it comes to thanking my dear friends from Uni, Grant and Miriam, for coming out to celebrate with us.  Thank you for traveling all the way from Germany with your kids.  I loved watching all of our kids play so well together and how it felt like no time had passed.  Thank you for traveling so close to your due date and I anxiously look forward to hearing the baby news!  Thank you to my other friend from Uni, Lauren, who opened her place in Notting Hill for us to stay for two nights.  We greatly appreciate it and had such a wonderful time in London for two days.  Thank you to my friend, Leigh, whom I met while we both lived in Hawaii and who modeled for me several times.  Thank you for meeting up with us in Oxford and for showing us around the city.  It has been so great to meet up a couple times now in the UK, and I look forward to meeting up again in Oxford soon!  Thank you to my long time family friends in Oxford for letting us share a day with you and for letting us catch up over the years since when I was a little girl. Again, because I cannot say it again, thank you to all my blogger friends who took care of my blog while I was away.

Dear Sons,
Thank you for being the cutest and sweetest boys I know.  Watching how much fun you had over the last two weeks made my world.  Seeing you laugh, smile, and make new friends was so wonderful.  You really touched my heart during our vow renewal with your sweet words and sweet song.  Thank you for making my life complete.

Dear Ryan,
The best two weeks have been because of you.  The first week as part of our first ten years of marriage and the second week as the first week of our next ten.  I love you so much and so proud to have stood up in front of our family and friends to pledge our love together.  Thank you loving me as I enjoy every day I get to love you and look forward to many more anniversaries together.


*Wedding Photography by Miriam Pinkston Photography. Follow Miriam Pinkston Visual Artist on Facebook

Wedding: 17 Weeks to go

Yesterday my husband and I had been married for nine years and eight months.  We now have four months left until our 10 year wedding anniversary.  That is 17 weeks and two days.  This past October I had my husband and I take couple photos (In the rain no less. Thank you England) with our camera on a timer.  That does not seem so long ago, which makes me realize just how little time we have left to plan.  I had been holding off starting with the invitations because I wanted to make my own hand written with calligraphy   However we really had a small window of time to let friends know so they can RSVP and I was not going to have all my supplies in time.  I let go of that notion and finally came up with a Eco-Friendly wedding website.  There are a lot of options out there for builders and I could have built it myself.  In the end I decided to go with so I could move on to the next stages of planning. 
Stationary: Opted for an Eco-friendly Wedding website in lieu of paper invitations.
Pinterest.  I have been pinning things to a ‘Vow Renewal’ board probably since I created my account.  Once we crossed the one year left mark I started getting a little more serious with my planning and pinning of ideas.  I had wanted to do a huge 3-0 birthday last year and when that fell through a lot of my ideas started bleeding over into the Vow Renewal board.  Next I took my OCD and and broke one Vow Renewal board into twelve different ‘I Do Again’ boards for the following categories: Inspiration, Accessories, Attendants, Cakes, Ceremony, Flowers, Hair, Gowns, Invites & Stationary, Menu, Photography, and Reception.  You can check out Bonnie Rose’s Pinterest to view specific pins and other boards.  I wish I had pinterest back in 2002 – 2003 when we were planning our wedding.  I still have my huge white binder with many specific dividers and filled with anything needed for my wedding planning. It became a scrapbook of sorts and it is kinda fun to look through now, ten years later.

Planning: I wish I had Pinterest back in 2003 when I planned our wedding! I have 12 ‘I Do Again’ boards for ideas.
Every Wednesday I will touch on  more of our planning and updates for our 10th Anniversary Vow renewal.  Is anyone else planning a wedding for 2013?  If you are already married would you renew your vows?

*Website photography was a self portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved |

**Website capture from the website for the free website builder
***I do not claim to own any photos displayed from the Pinterest boards.