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Bath Comic & Sci-Fi Weekend

Something you may or may not know about me is that I am kind of a geek. My one regret from my time in California and the US is that I never had the opportunity to go to ComicCon in San Diego. I did however take the boys to Comic Con in Tucson, AZ in 2010. I worked really hard on sewing myself a She-Ra costume, which is now somewhere lost in one of my in-laws many storage facilities. When we heard about the Comic and Sci-Fi event coming to Bath we were ready to get our cosplay on! Maddox went as Darth Vader, Ronan as Indiana Jones, and I went as Kaylee from Joss Whedon’s Firefly. 
The big event we did not want to miss during the weekend’s festivities was the Star Wars panel.  My father did not have any sons and I grew up loving to watch Star Wars with him. Plus I have never been to see a panel before so we were all really excited. Included in this line up was Femi Taylor who played Oola, the Twi’lek dancer in Jabba the Hutt’s court, and Rusty Goffe who played various characters in a New Hope, including a Jawa and a gonk droid.  Rusty was also in  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Willow, and several of the Harry Potter films. He is really charismatic and my boys remarked how he was so funny.  
Not a whole lot of questions were asked from the audience so it meant a lot that Ronan spoke up and asked them for their ‘most embarrassing’ memory in their career.  I asked them if they had experienced a ‘pinch yourself moment’.  Femi answered about getting a call back in 97 to film more scenes to reprise her role in the special edition release of the original film from the 80s. If you remember her costume is basically mostly body paint so it was incredible to see that she still has her dancer body even today. She was friendly and nice and I really liked getting to talk with her afterwards.  Rusty talked about being on the set of Harry Potter in the scene where Helena Bonham Carter as Belatrix is pretending to be Hermione.  Rusty talked about what an incredible actress Helena is and how everyone on set kept forgetting it was Helena/Belatrix because she just embodied Emma/Hermione so well.  
Another panelist who I got to talk to extensively afterwards was John Chapman. John played an X-Wing pilot in the original Star Wars and now has created a really awesome comic book series for children about a character named Jonnie Rocket.  I really recommend them if you have children and you find out more about them at
At the end Ronan participated in the costume contest and he was really proud to get a lot of compliments from the adults on his authentic elements like his hat, jacket, and whip.  We met quite a few cosplayers and pretty much the experience exceeded our expectations.  I told Ryan before we got there that if one person knew who I was cosplaying as, I would be happy.  Sure enough the guy who came cosplaying from my favourite video game, Mass Effect, told me he like my Kaylee costume. Score.  
 Q: Do you like comics or sci-fi? Ever been to a comic con?

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Wedding: 17 Weeks to go

Yesterday my husband and I had been married for nine years and eight months.  We now have four months left until our 10 year wedding anniversary.  That is 17 weeks and two days.  This past October I had my husband and I take couple photos (In the rain no less. Thank you England) with our camera on a timer.  That does not seem so long ago, which makes me realize just how little time we have left to plan.  I had been holding off starting with the invitations because I wanted to make my own hand written with calligraphy   However we really had a small window of time to let friends know so they can RSVP and I was not going to have all my supplies in time.  I let go of that notion and finally came up with a Eco-Friendly wedding website.  There are a lot of options out there for builders and I could have built it myself.  In the end I decided to go with so I could move on to the next stages of planning. 
Stationary: Opted for an Eco-friendly Wedding website in lieu of paper invitations.
Pinterest.  I have been pinning things to a ‘Vow Renewal’ board probably since I created my account.  Once we crossed the one year left mark I started getting a little more serious with my planning and pinning of ideas.  I had wanted to do a huge 3-0 birthday last year and when that fell through a lot of my ideas started bleeding over into the Vow Renewal board.  Next I took my OCD and and broke one Vow Renewal board into twelve different ‘I Do Again’ boards for the following categories: Inspiration, Accessories, Attendants, Cakes, Ceremony, Flowers, Hair, Gowns, Invites & Stationary, Menu, Photography, and Reception.  You can check out Bonnie Rose’s Pinterest to view specific pins and other boards.  I wish I had pinterest back in 2002 – 2003 when we were planning our wedding.  I still have my huge white binder with many specific dividers and filled with anything needed for my wedding planning. It became a scrapbook of sorts and it is kinda fun to look through now, ten years later.

Planning: I wish I had Pinterest back in 2003 when I planned our wedding! I have 12 ‘I Do Again’ boards for ideas.
Every Wednesday I will touch on  more of our planning and updates for our 10th Anniversary Vow renewal.  Is anyone else planning a wedding for 2013?  If you are already married would you renew your vows?

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Fashion Bloggers at BFW

Yesterday I brought you some sneek peeks from my camera phone 
from the Bristol Fashion Week live bloggers show. 
 Today I am showing you a little bit of what it was like 
being there with the other fashion bloggers. 
Tomorrow I will touch on the fashion from the runway. 
 Stay tuned for my feature article at British Style Bloggers
on Bristol Fashion Week Spring Season 2013.
I have only been in the Bath area since Christmas.
So it was really great getting to meet bloggers from the area.
Better yet, getting to put a face to a twitter handle and blog. 
Everyone was really friendly and I really enjoyed getting to meet 
Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn and Laura from Side Street Style
It was interesting still to see how the runway show here in Bristol
compared with Tucson Fashion Week in Arizona
and the many fashion shows in Waikiki, Hawaii. 
In all the excitement there was something very comforting
about being back behind the camera at a fashion event.
Make sure to check back tomorrow for more about the fashion
that we saw on the runway at Bristol Fashion Week 2013.
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Bristol Fashion Week Live Blogging Event

I met a lot of other cool bloggers today.
With the other Fashion Bloggers at BFW Blog Event today.
Sneek preview of the event before it begins.
Reception beforehand with cupcakes and drinks.
Spring is about a lot of colours and patterns!
The audience was filled with VIP ticket holders and fashion bloggers who were blogging live!
The main tent for Bristol Fashion Week
Monochromatic is big this season!
Hense my outfit choice.  I had my cameras ready to go for the event!
The Live Blogging Event was so much fun and filled with a lot of energy from the models and the hosts.
So here I am before I left for the Fashion Event. I took time to curl my hair and it decided to rain really hard outside.
Here I am afterwards…can you tell how much fun I had?  If you cannot, do not fret.  I will be blogging tomorrow all about it!
Expect a lot of photos adn I will be writing an article for the Bristish Style Bloggers too!  Hope you enjoyed the live tweets and the first photos from my phone.  Just wait until you see all the great fashions for Spring 2013!
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